Friday, May 17, 2019


Welcome to Friday and I have the second book in Daughters of the Moon series . ARAPHEL by Matthew S Cox .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Sometimes, the best thing a girl has to look forward to is killing someone.

When she learned the truth behind her father’s death, Risa Black thought she’d given up on revenge. After an unknown enemy takes the life of someone dear to her, revenge is all that keeps her going. While hunting for the assassins, she uncovers a web of espionage and deceit that destroys her sense of everything she knew. Her idealism tarnished, her drive to free Mars from Earth gives way to something more personal: the need to protect a child.

It soon becomes clear she’s in over her head. Consumed by the sorrow of loss, she accepts a mission from the Martian Liberation Front, not caring it’s a one-way ticket. Desperate to uncover the truth hidden behind all the lies, she hopes to find answers in a place that should not exist: Araphel.

The home of the angel Raziel.

                            MY REVIEW 
      When you loose someone dear to you what do you do . Revenge is all that Risa Black can think of. Risa is all about trying to find out the assassins that killed her dear friend . But when a child becomes involved all her revenge goes to the way side and all she can think about is protecting this child . Then the assignment comes up that she does because she is over come and isn't thinking right . All she wants is answers but she might not find them but it could cost her, her life . 

    The characters in the second book are most definitely getting more and more complex. Risa has lost it all in the first book and we see that at the beginning of this book . She is lost and ready do dangerous things . Its like she has given up . Then we see her grow a bit after she finds Kree . She goes into protective mode and will do almost anything to keep her safe .She is like a fighting machine ready to take down anyone that come anywhere near the child .  She is getting stronger and stronger towards the end of the book . She is just a fighting machine.  Kree is well she is a sweet child that is hiding something horrible . She clings to Risa and doesn't want to let her go . I just wanted to wrap her up and hug her tight and tell her everything will be ok .  We also get introduced to Saris and Chaia . They are so fun to read .   I truly love all these characters they really grow on you, 

   I will say when I sat down to read this book I was wondering how Risa was going to take the death of her friend . The author picked up where the first book left off and it took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. There were parts of the book where I was just wanting to take all the characters and wrap them up in fuzzy blankets and hug them all tight and tell them life will be ok .  This was a faster read then in book one . There is a lot more action and it will hold your attention all the way through. I will just tell you to do up your seat belt when you start reading this book cause it will blow you away . I was on the edge of my seat most of the time through out this book . So if you like sci fi with a dash of cyber punk check out this series for your summer reading list

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