Friday, September 6, 2019


Well the first weekend in September and its going to be a great weekend . Today I have the second book in the Unscripted series for you. LIFE UNSCRIPTED by Taylor Delong .

                            BOOK BLURB 

One night.
What I thought I knew, what I thought I deserved, what I thought life had planned for me was all thrown out the window in one night.

“I’m not naive to believe that the road will be easy by any means, that I won’t stumble, have roadblocks in my path.”

I thought I knew love, what it meant to love another person so strongly that it consumed me. Except all that changed in one night. My life was all laid out, but apparently fate had other ideas.

Thrown into the unknown, I learned who I could count on. What I didn’t count on was her and the unconventional relationship we started to build.

“What I do know is I’m not alone; I won’t ever have to walk alone.”

As much as I’m struggling to deal with this loss, it’s not just about me anymore. She needs me more than ever, and I’m not prepared to let her down.

In one night, my life became unscripted.

                     MY REVIEW 
    This is Luke's story and we start right where book one left off in the hospital on the worst night of his life . When his wife dies Luke's life  is thrown into turmoil . His daughter will be born soon and he is left grieving for the life he lost with Lanie and he is scared of the future with his daughter . With the help of his family and the nurse and friend Renee he might have a chance at the life that will be great . 
   Emmy ,Luke and the gang are back .  I must say that they are better written and more complex in this book . Luke is thrown for a loop and must rely on the family to help him through. He really grows in this story and we see him come to terms with everything that has happened . There is a new character that helps him through . Renee is the nurse that comes into his life when he needs a friend . She has known the family for ever . They really do click when they are together. 

  The theme of this book is family and what they would do in a crisis . The author really puts them through the wringer in this book . The twists and turns are great and you really get to see how this family comes together when they are needed . Trust me there are time in this book that you will want to wrap Luke up in a blanket and tell him every thing will be ok . There is only one thing that stopped me from giving it 5 stars , I felt it dragged a little in spots . Over all I really enjoyed this book and was so happy how things worked out . This series would be a great read for a fall evening . 

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