Thursday, September 5, 2019


Wooohooo made it to Thursday or as I like to call it Friday eve . Today I have another new author to me and her book CHANCE ENCOUNTER  by Susan Meachen

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Emily was born into a world of hate, drugs, abuse, and human tracking. She’s always worked hard to stay on the honor roll in school and worked hard to get a free ride to college. She wants nothing more than to make her way out of the life she was born into. Emily has dark secrets that she believes only her best friend, Ginger Gold, knows about. She’s also been crushing on the one man no one can touch the biggest playboy in Davonport, Georgia, Blake Shaw.

Blake was born with the world at his feet he’s never had to work for anything in his life. Women they lined up to please him job it was handed to him once he finished school. The one thing he wants the most is going to be a challenge to say the least. Blake has watched Emily for years and he is determined to make her his for the rest of this lifetime and the next lifetime.

When Emily and Blake cross paths the chemistry and passion is undeniable. Waiting to find your soul mate is a test in patience and these two are just about out of patience.
Can these two find happiness and peace together or will their past mistakes destroy their new-found love?

                          MY REVIEW 
Welcome to Davon port Georgia where a chance encounter between the biggest playboy and the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Emily the girl that has been brought up in a world of hate, drugs and sex trafficking . She has maintained her innocence and has worked hard to blend in so no one can see her . Until the day Blake sees her and when they cross paths there is such chemistry . When they are together they ignite but will their pasts keep them apart and destroy their new found love .                  

    The characters are well written and complex. Blake is your young hot playboy , who has money, good looks and charisma . He also fun loving and fiercely protective of those he loves . He is also hiding a secret that will hurt him and his relationship .  Emily tries to be tough but deep down inside she is sweet and kind . She has grown up in a hateful relationship with her so called mother . She does come of a little naïve sometimes through out the book but underneath the tough girl is a woman that is so kind and sweet.  On their own the are great characters but when together they are explosive . The cast of characters that are there for these two are vast and such good characters . Charlotte is even good in her evil ways . Trust me there are moments that you want to punch Charlotte and knock her out . Miguel and Ginger are a great pair as their best friends that keep them grounded

   Set aside a evening cause once you start reading this book you will have a hard time putting it down. The story is one you will get sucked into with lots of twists and turns .  The characters are well written and complex . One moment you will hug them and then you will want to slap them into the back of their heads cause they did something really stupid .  The only thing I found that there were a few spelling errors and it kind of dragged in a few places  that can be taken care of with a bit of tightening up in the chapters . Over all I truly enjoyed this book the ending had me balling like a baby . That ending was such a shocker . If you want a good read for your fall reading list add this book 

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