Sunday, September 1, 2019


Ok it is Sunday and a sleepy Sunday it is . Hope your weekend is going great . Today I have the last book in a great series from Matthew Cox . ANGEL DESCENDED (The Awakened series )

                           BOOK BLURB

When an angel returns to Earth, millions will die.

A being born of darkness bends the Angel to his will, intent on covering West City with a rain of fire. The authorities close in on Archon, forcing him to act in haste. His meticulous plan to seek sanctuary for psionics in deep space frays at the seams, providing the perfect venue for a demon to reshape the world.

Seven individuals—The Awakened—fight for their place in a society unprepared for them.

One discovers the light within and risks everything she loves to help others.

One learns she lives a comfortable lie, but chooses a painful truth.

One gives himself to darkness in hopes of saving the only family he has left.

One struggles with anger, trying to fit into a civilization that never wanted her.

One searches for absolution from the harshest judge of all—himself.

One will do anything it takes to protect his people.

…and One just wants to watch the show.

                       MY REVIEW 
   I suggest that you read the first five books in the series so you can understand what is happening in the final book . When all 7 of the psionics come together . They are put in a difficult situation . They are fighting for their place in the world . Will they be able to find their place and not get involved with the Angel that is going to destroy the world . 

   There are so many characters in this book , all the characters from each of the books are back and trying to figure out where they belong . Aaron is trying to find his place in division zero while trying not to show his true colours . To Marmoru who is just trying to save his sister . Aleatha and Aurora that just want to help out a home and Aurora wants to heal . To the rest of the psionics. These characters were so well written in their own books but I will say that they are more complex in this last book . They all have their destiny to fulfill . I loved each and every character in the books . 

  This book sums up the series so well, the author writes with such a passion for details . He mixes cyber punk with magic . He writes each chapter from a characters point of view and what was happening in their life at that point. There are many face paced fights , chases and some heists that will keep you on the edge of your seat through out most of the book . You will be turning pages late into the night . There is more to this author's books then faced paced action . There are a deeper meaning to some of the story plots that the author has . Like how far can one person go in the name of charity to help someone out . This story is a long one but wow it does wrap up the series nicely with everyone finally getting the happy endings that they need . I would read the whole series before diving in but this book will be EPIC . 

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