Wednesday, January 22, 2020


  Good Wednesday all , finally coming out of the frigid cold that has been blanketing us . I have a hot little book for you to read TO BE CHERISHED  by Robbie Cox .

                            BOOK BLURB 

A broken marriage, a troubled past, a chance for redemption if only she took it.

Cherish Lansky watched as her husband stormed out the door, bags in hand. With her infidelity exposed, she couldn't blame him. Her cravings for a past that ruined her life once just ruined her family, and it was all her fault. She needed to fix her marriage, but did that mean denying a part of herself?

The anguish of his wife's betrayal gripped Glen Lansky's heart like a life-crushing vise. He sacrificed everything for her, for their family. How could she destroy her family like she did? What did she miss that he couldn't give her? How could he fix them when he didn't even know they were broken?

She needed To Be Cherished when she couldn't even cherish herself. Glen saved her once, and now, she needed him to save her again. She feared he didn't still love her enough to, not only forgive her, but help her live again. Could Glen bring her back from the bottom and put her on top again?

                         MY REVIEW 
     Cherish Lansky is hiding something from her husband and her family is falling apart . When her husband leaves she realizes that there is something that is missing in their life . She needs to be cherished and saved but is her broken hearted husband Glen up for the challenge .He saved her once but can he save her and their marriage again . 

    The characters are very complex and well written . Cherish is a complicated woman who has lead a wild life in her teen years. Sometimes she comes of as really needy and naïve at the beginning of the story as the story goes on you see her become the woman that she is destined to be . Glen is a sweet guy that has been pushed to the limits of his relationship. He really wants to get his relationship back . He sacrifices everything for Cherish now its time to take back the power . With every marriage has families and these families are polar opposites of each other . They also make lives complicated for each of them . 

   This is a complicated book of love and life and what it means to get back the relationship and love a couple needs . You watch them hit rock bottom and try and build their relationship back together. The author takes us on such an emotional ride. You will be sucked in and most of the time you are on the edge of your seat . There were moments I felt that could of been condensed  and yes there were times I really wanted to shake the main characters and say wake up . Over all I really enjoyed this book and the story line was one that happens all the time . So If you want a good read with flawed characters and the road to redemption. This is the book for you . So check it out .

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