Monday, January 6, 2020


 Good morning all , the first new release of the 2020 goes to the always hilarious Robyn Peterman and book six in the Sea Shenanigans series JINGLE ME BALLS .

                            BOOK BLURB 

What in the salty seas could be more important than presents at Christmas time?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Tis’ Christmas time on Mystical Isle and just like the fat bastard in red, I’ve made a list and now I shall check it… twice. Yeah, twice. I might wear a diaper, but I’m not an arse.

Battle the human women in sweatpants and snow boots for electronics on Black Friday. Check.

Cover each palm tree in lights even though the Mermaids insist they look phallic. Check. By the way, what does phallic mean? Never mind. Check.

Moving on.

Weave a Christmas tale during family story time on the beach, have a family portrait made in the special sweaters I pilfered, and write a letter to Santa. I mean, fat bastard… Check.

Planning activities that may end in bloodshed. Check. That’s what I call a yuletide win, so check-check.

The Mermaids have baked lovely Christmas cookies that will go wonderfully with the rum in my diaper. And everyone has voted to veto caroling since Pirate Doug has a singing voice that can kill… literally. The present exchange would be ruined if everyone was dead. Could my days be merrier or brighter? Uh, no. Check.

It seems I have everything under control and Christmas on Mystical Isle will be unforgettable, or I’m not the Well-Hung God of the Sea, Poseidon.
And I am. Check.

                             MY REVIEW 
   Well it is Christmas time on Mystical Isle and who better to get everything ready for the girls and their mates . Poseidon well he isn't the best person or should i say God to do the job but he is sure trying. From pilfering ugly christmas sweaters to decorating the palm trees  what could go wrong . Well if you know Poseidon things never go as planned . Things always go awry. Oh and for an added pressure there is a surprise guest or two that will be making an appearance to the island . Will the gang have a Merry Christmas or will Poseidon ruin it like always . 

  Poseidon and the gang are back , I absolutely love this cast of characters . They are so well written and hilariously inappropriate . Poseidon  what can we say about the diaper wearing drunk . He commanders this book as he takes on Christmas . He is hilarious and well really not so smart in some things but that's what make you love him . Pirate Doug and the girls are back and trying to stop his Christmas decorating . Trust me guys you will love these characters they are inappropriate and crude . 
   This is such a fun read , you will laugh your butt off . The author takes us on a fun filled Christmas story of love and laughter . This book so reminds me of christmas's with any family out there . We all have that uncle that just is boisterous and loud . We have sisters and brother n laws that really just get on your nerves . But you love them and their antics . This is a fun story that will have you laughing all the way through . So if you want a great read for you weekend check it out . You will be laughing all night long . 

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