Wednesday, January 15, 2020


  Well its Wednesday and its still frigid out there, so another day of reading and eating storm chips , yes I said storm chips .  Today I have a cool new book and author for you . TALES OF THE SEA WITCH  by Lou Wilham

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No creature under the sea is born dark; some just lose themselves.

Irsa's name was lost long ago to the obscurity of being labeled a villain. Born with enough magic to boil the ocean, all Irsa wants is a simple life with her best friend, Aislin. But when they discover their connection is more than just friendship, the pair must fight all odds to be together.
Surviving the sea isn't easy, but Irsa has never known any different. With Aislin by her side, she must face a wicked witch, defy a prince, and maybe gain all she ever wanted: a happily ever after.

Tales of a Sea Witch is an origin story full of mermaids, and undersea magic for fans of Tithe by Holly Black, and Wicked by Gregory Maguire.

                       MY REVIEW 
   Whats under the sea , Irsa is born with enough magic to boil the ocean . She just wants to live her life with her best friend Aislin. When they discover that there is more to their relationship then just being friends . Things start to get difficult for them  and they loose what they had to keep each other safe . When their love is tested will it survive or will Irsa be lost to the history books as a villian . 

   This book is a twist on the lil mermaid . The characters are well written . Irsa has been through so much , i don't think that she is evil I think that she was misunderstood . Noone really got to know her and when they did they thought she was evil . I actually liked her as  a character . She isn't afraid to be who she is and will do whatever it takes to be that person . Aislin is her best friend but there is more there . Aislin is a sweet girl who loves Irsa even when its wrong to. She is light and sweet but sometimes comes off as a little naive at the beginning of the story . There are so many people against them that when they are together they are the best of what each other needs . I love that they are so sweet together . 

   This book is a great twist on the story of the little mermaid . We get to see the characters before Ariel. This is the story of Ursala or as they called her Irsa . There is a lgbtq aspect to this story which I thought was well written for a fantasy book . The characters are well written and complex . The story is one that will keep you flipping the pages all night long . It is a fast read and you are taken to a place under the water where you want to stay for awhile .  I really liked this story and i really wanted to hug Irsa and tell her that everything will work out you don't have to become a villian . I think you should grab this book for an evening of reading you won't be disappointed . If you like fantasy this is the book for you , 

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