Friday, January 10, 2020


   Good morning all , today is release day for GUARDIAN OF THE NIGHT by Linda Thomas - Sundstrom.

                            BOOK BLURB 

An all-consuming desire that is forbidden to indulge, but impossible to ignore....

The Guardian. An immortal with incredible strength, created centuries ago to protect a holy relic and ensure the purity of an immortal bloodline by fighting those who would abuse its power.

As one of the seven Blood Knights, Mason LanVal spent lifetimes honoring his vows without wavering. That all changed the night he found American Faith James, in France to find her missing sister.

Two souls on separate personal missions converge paths in a dark, dangerous forest... and inherent genetic traits can either bring them together, or drive them apart.

                        MY REVIEW 
      Mason LanVal has spent lifetimes honoring his vows as one of the seven Blood Knights . He did without wavering in his fight , that all stopped the day that Faith James came crashing into his life .  Faith James is in France to find her sister who is missing . They are own missions in life but they come together in a dark forest . With inherent genetic traits within Faith can either bring them closer together or rip them apart forever . 

    Mason LanVal what can we say about this man . He is honorable . broody . sexy and an immortal . One of seven that have been made to guard the HOLY GRAIL and to keep the bloodline pure. He takes his job seriously . You will love him just cause he is so sexy and you feel safe but also like you are prey when he looks at you . Faith James is a strong woman who has secrets that she really doesn't know she has . She is fierce and will do anything to get her sister back . There is more to her then everyone realizes . They are such a great couple and they do bring the heat and lots of it . 

     If you are looking for a light fluffy read this isn't the book for you . The author takes us on an emotional ride that will take you into the dark forests of France . This story is filled with characters that will drive you crazy and you will love at the same time . They are complex and oh so well written . The book contains intrigue , action and romance lots of romance . It will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time . I truly love reading these books and i know if you read them you would love them also . This is a story that will bring you in and keep you turning pages until the wee hours of the morning . So if you want a story full of intrigue and romance this is the book for you . Add it to your 2020 reading list .

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