Monday, January 13, 2020


   Good morning all its Monday , does it seem like the weekend just flew by . Today I have a book that will have you on the edge of your seat . SHATTERED  by Bree M Lewandoski.

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They said it was nothing--that she was being paranoid. 
When it was just the coffee shop, she believed them. But when the man in the long brown coat starts appearing everywhere Mara Engle goes, nothing anyone says can take away the fear pricking at her. 
The night he appears on her balcony, she doesn't stop to ask herself why she's suddenly calling the man she left ten years ago. In that moment, the sound of Shay's voice is her only comfort. 
The chase is on. Every time there's a moment to breathe, that brown coat looms closer. Why her? How does he know Shay's name? 
A villain with violence in his eyes. A woman caught by fear. And the man who won't lose the love he once called his own. 
Ready? Set. Run. 
Bree M. Lewandowski takes her readers for a ride in this romantic suspense novella! 

                           MY REVIEW 
     Mara Engle is not paranoid but seeing the same man in the coffee shop over and over . But when he starts showing up everywhere she is nothing that anyone tells her will calm her fears . The one night he shows up on her balcony there is only one man she can call and she left him ten years ago. When she hears his voice memories and feelings start to resurface. With the help of the man she left behind they will be able to get to the bottom of the man stalking Mara . Will they be able to get back to feelings they have and will the stalker ever be caught . 

  Mara and Shay oh my what can you say about these two . Mara is a feisty woman who has been emotional shaken by a stalker . She is scared but wants to find out who is stalking her . We actually see her grow up when she is on run with Shay . Which I loved it shows how much growth you can do even under stress . Shay is the strong silent type, an ex military hard shelled man but when the woman he never stopped loving even after their divorce . is in trouble he is there to help her . Yes ladies he is all alpha man but he is also a little tortured with the feelings for his ex wife. I truly liked these two  and they just got better at the end.

   This is a novella that has mystery and intrigue but also a slow burning romance . The author takes us on a roller coaster ride until the big climatic ending . the characters are well written and the story flows very well . You can really feel the tension in the characters and you really want to find out who the stalker is . Trust me i was on the edge of my seat most of the time . Really wanted to know who the stalker was because he was one scary dude .  I was also hoping for Shay and Mara and that they would get a romance going .  The ending will kick you in the butt and make you sigh with happiness at the same time . So if you want a novella that you can read on a snowy evening check out this book you will be surprised how much you get sucked in . 

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