Thursday, January 2, 2020


 Welcome to the first Thursday of 2020. I hope everyone had a great Christmas season . Today I have a new author for you . THE GEM OF MERUNA by Elixis Bell

                            BOOK BLURB 

Having lived beneath the rule of a vicious dictator all her life, Kiluna is no stranger to hardship. And yet, she holds hope. Her grandmother’s tales of peaceful times, together with whisperings of a magical Gem hidden away on their sister planet, Meruna, buoyed her spirits even in the most dire times.
Everyone has a breaking point though, and Kiluna is no different. After the brutal murder of her grandmother, she can stand it no longer. She sets off, determined to free her people, even if it means venturing through mysterious forests inhabited by outlaws. Soon, she finds that one in particular may be a danger to her heart, tempting her with a peaceful life. But she must go, for only one thing is powerful enough to save her people…
The Gem of Meruna.

                      MY REVIEW 
    Kiluna has had enough , she has been living under a vicious dictator for her entire life . The only hope that she has is the stories that her grandmother has told her about a peaceful time .  The tales of a gem in the sister planet of Meruna . When her grandmother is murdered she sets off to find the gem . Soon she finds the forests of outlaws where peace is great one outlaw is tempting her heart with the peace of the forest . She is torn does she stay or go and find the gem.

  The characters in this story are really well written . Kulina is a tough girl who wants to have peace in her life finally. She is tough but also sweet . The outlaws give off the feels of Robin hood and his band of men. They give off the peacefulness that Kulina is looking for . All the characters that come and go are very well written and add to the story .  

  This story is a rollercoaster ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat most of the way through .  You will get caught up in the plight of Kulina and trust me you will want to wrap her up in a warm blanket and hug her a few times through out this book.  The story has the feeling of Robin Hood and good triumphs over evil . The only down side i found in this book is that it seemed to drag just a little in some areas . Over all this is a really good book and it is a great story that will keep you entertained . Give this book a chance and add it to your list for the new year . 

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