Thursday, August 5, 2021


 Good Thursday morning all , hope you are having a good day . We are smoky here and its making me stay inside so lots of good books to read . Today I have book 4. 5 in the Mid Life Spirits series . BONE VOYAGE by Hp Mallory and JR Rain

                               BOOK BLURB 

 What a tangled web we weave when first we practice… to be possessed…

It’s my first Christmas in New Orleans, so you’d think I’d be in festive spirits…

Well, I might have been if not for the appearance of Peter MacGregor.

Having heard of my success in stopping the axeman by going back to 1919, Peter now wants me to solve the murder of his wife by going back to 1959.

And, you got it, going back in time means first going back to Guarda’s. If I never step foot on that woman’s property again, it will be too soon.

Never say never…

                      MY REVIEW 

  Peyton is having her first Christmas in New Orleans and things were going pretty good until Peter MacGregor showed up and asked Peyton for a favour . After Peyton successfully defeated the Axe man her life has been different. Peter wants her to go back in time and figure out who killed his wife .  Well that means just one thing heading back out into the bayou and Guarda's the last place she wants to go . To solve the murder she must go back and figure it out . 

  Peyton and the gang are back and celebrating their first Christmas in New Orleans . Peyton is doing it up right and like any woman over decorating . She has some ne abilities that are making her very popular . I love these characters especially Drake and Peyton , I know they are ghost and living and he is in her body but they are the best . I have never laughed so hard as when those two get going and sparing with each other . Guarda well she has some secrets that she has hidden and now Peyton knows some of them . They are so fun to read . 

 This is a novella and it is one fast read , it took me a couple of hours to read . I am loving this series so much . The authors sound like they are having a ball writing this series . The characters are evolving and growing with each book and I love where the author is taking them . This is a shorter book and you will love it. So if you want a fun read for the end of summer check out this series .

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