Wednesday, August 4, 2021


 Good day all , hope your week is going well and your August is going good . Today I have a new series for you by Aleatha Romig . Welcome to New Orleans and the DEVIL'S DEAL . 

                         BOOK BLURB


  I'm Everett “Rett” Ramses.

New Orleans is my world, my realm, and my domain.
After what I've done, some people say I’m the devil.
I say I'm a man who knows what he wants, and nothing stops me from getting what I desire.
I took New Orleans, and now I want Emma O’Brien.
As the daughter of my father’s rival and sworn enemy, her fate is to be my wife.
Emma is in my world now.
It's time she makes a deal with the devil.

                   MY REVIEW 
 When Emma heads to New Orleans for a business meeting her world is about to change . When her evening is high jacked by the sexy Everett Ramses , who drops a ultimatum come with him or die . She is taken into a world of warring families and lies that were told to her will be found out and lives will be put on the line . Will Emma be able to come to terms with what is happening and will her heart stay intact or will the king of New Orleans be her downfall. 

 What can we say about these characters that everyone else hasn't said . Everett  well he is the king of New Orleans , the head of the family that is running everything . He is strong , sexy and oh so alpha . There is also a tortured side to him and the crown weighs heavy on his head . There is a deeper part of him that we need to reach and find out more of what is going on his head . Emma is well she is a sweet girl who has lost a lot in her life and in my opinion a little naive . She comes off as independent and worldly but most of the time she is a little too whiny for my taste . Over all these characters are well written and you will love them . 

 Ok I have read many of this authors books and this one was a good read . She took us on a roller coaster ride through out. The characters are ones that you will love to hate and then love again. I read this book in an evening and enjoyed it but there were just some areas where I feel that I was just getting disconnected with the characters and felt like it was kind a stuck . The last part of the book read a lot faster and had more suspense to it then the first part . Don't get me wrong I truly enjoyed the book even with the big cliff hanger at the end .  This would be a great book to snuggle down with and enjoy a glass of wine and a good story . Great book for you fall reading list 

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