Friday, August 27, 2021


  Good Friday all , its the beginning of the weekend  . I have the second book Midlife Mermaid series . GENTLEMEN PREFER MERMAIDS  by Hp Mallory an J.R Rain

                            BOOK BLURB 

  When Sawyer learns what I am—a mermaid—he isn’t sure what to make of the fact. And, unfortunately for me, it seems distance is what he needs most. So even though things might be less than ideal between the two of us, at least I still have a friend in Wendy.

But, soon, that relationship will see its own crisis when posters appear throughout town proclaiming I’m a criminal on the run. Although the rumors are a hoax, I feel the whole town is turning against me, Wendy included, and I can only wonder who’s to blame for the lies.

Luckily for me, there’s a new man in my life named Marshall. Having just moved to Shell Harbor, Marshall is unbelievably handsome, and he’s quickly proving to be the only person I want to spend time with. Yet, there’s something about Marshall that leaves me with questions—he seems to be keeping secrets of his own.

Between combating nasty rumors flitting through town, keeping my swim school afloat, trying to make amends with Sawyer and Wendy, and allowing a new friendship with Marshall to blossom, my life is a chaotic mess. But that chaotic mess is about to get a lot more complicated when I get the shock of a lifetime…

                    MY REVIEW 
   Eva is still reeling from the aftermath of Cullen's attack on her and her house . She has also told Sawyer about her secret, that she is a mermaid . While they are trying to figure each other out and what they mean to each other . Ugly rumors are being plastered all over town about Eva. The town is turning against her and her swim school is suffering . When a new man walks into her life and becomes her confidante and the only person she can count on . But as things get worse can she count on Marshall or will she be tricked again and will Cullen finally get his chance to take her back . Oh and when her best friend shows up Eva's two ring circus becomes a 3 ring chaotic mess. 

 Sawyer and the gang are back and honestly better then ever . Eva is going through so much with Sawyer finding out things are a little cool with them right now . She is going through so much turmoil right now . She is having such a hard time and we see her kind of break down but with the break down we see her come out stronger then ever. Wendy, her best friend is clueless about what Eva is and what is going on . She is sweet and kind and always trying to find the good in everyone . She sometimes comes off as annoying . Sawyer is well he is being a man and trying to come to terms with everything that is going on . He has feelings for Eva but doesn't really know how to process them but when push comes to shove he will always be there for Eva and protect her. Now on to the new guy Marshall, he is way to good to be true. He is charming. sweet , but he is hiding something a big something. These characters are well written and becoming more and more complex . 

  This is a fun read and starts where book one leaves off . The authors take us on a fun filled ride . Where things aren't what they seem at all , the universe they are creating is growing and becoming more and more complex.  There a lot of characters in this book and sometimes you do get a little lost in everything that is going on but the authors do pull you back and get you going back on the right path. There were parts I felt that didn't really feel like it flowed well but over all I truly enjoyed this book and can't wait to see how the authors kick it up in book 3 . So if you like mermaids and sweet characters check it out.

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