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  Today I have for you books 6 an 7 in the Midlife Spirits series by my favourite authors Hp Mallory and J.R Rain . 


                           BOOK BLURB 

 There’s no business like ghost business…

  The last thing I want to do is visit the evil voodoo witch, Guarda, again.

But once I promise two elderly and kind ladies that I’ll solve the missing-person case of their long-dead relative, I realize there’s no way around it.

With the help of Guarda’s magic, I will find myself in 1910 New York with none other than Drake Montague, the twentieth-century policeman, who used to haunt my house but now haunts my body… and, ahem, my heart.

                       MY REVIEW 
 The last thing Peyton wants to do is head back in time again and she doesn't want to go back to Guarda again . But when two elderly ladies come to ask for help, she makes the choice to go back . So back she goes back to 1910 New York with the dashing Drake Montague , the dashing police officer who has been in her body and also in her heart. What is a girl going to do . Will she come back with her heart intact or will she come back at all. 

Peyton and the gang are back and better then ever . She is traveling back in time again but this time she is bringing Drake along. She is such a sassy woman and man she can really fight for those she loves . Drake well if you thought he was hot in the other books well he is even hotter in this book . We get to see him in the flesh back in 1910. He is dapper and dashing and such a flirt . I loved him and his cocky attitude with Peyton . They are so hot together and would melt your kindle if given the chance . I kind of feel sorry for her boyfriend Ryan who is the good sweet guy helping her with Guarda. Guarda is the witch that you just don't want to mess with . We don't really know what her agenda is with Peyton but we know there is one . Theses characters get better with each book . 
  This book was a fun, fast read and I couldn't put it down. The author has built a great universe where the characters are so complex and oh so well written . I loved how the author took us back in time and made the era pop with gayiety and the fun of all that was happening back in the 1900's . This is such a fun series to read and you will love to sit down and read it all cozied up with a nice cup of tea. 

book 7

                        BOOK BLURB

  A murder most foul in the Big Apple…\

I’m still stuck in 1910 New York, trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Dorothy Arnold and her baby.
Meanwhile, the only person I have to rely on is my ghostly housemate, Drake, who is now as flesh and blood as I am, at least in this plane of existence.
I find myself not only diving more deeply into the mystery of Dorothy’s disappearance but also into the background of my French policeman when we meet his brother, Lucien. I then learn more about the love of Drake’s life, a subject that only leaves me cold.

                     MY REVIEW 
 Poor Peyton is still stuck back in 1910 New York and still trying to piece together the mystery of Dorothy Arnold and her new born baby.  Drake is being a distraction in all his many glory. As Peyton dives deeper into the mystery of what happened to Dorothy and also finding out more of Drake's past there are things that are not adding up . When they meet Lucien , Drake's brother , Peyton finds out things about Drake that make her feel left out in the cold , mainly about the love of Drake's life . 

 Finally we get to find out more about the debonair Drake, we find out things that have Peyton rethinking the feeling she has for this man .She is really torn in this book between finding the missing woman and fighting the feelings between Drake and Ryan . I hope she chooses Ryan cause Drake is debonair and sometimes comes off a arrogant and Ryan is a sweet guy who you want in your life . There is also something up Guarda and Baron Samedi don't know what it is but these to really give off the creepy vibe big time . I must say that this book was one that had my heart racing all the way through . I love these characters and wanted to find out what is going to happen to them . 

 This book I devoured in one evening , I couldn't put it down . Peyton and Drake are hotter then ever but as secrets come to light that could jeopardize them both. The author really puts them through the paces in this book and you really start to get  into their minds and their hearts. Oh and the ending is well it is classic twist that will have you going omg what did she just do to us . So grab this series for a fun fall read. 

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