Wednesday, October 20, 2021


 Good afternoon all I hope your week is going good . It is already Wednesday man this week is going by so fast . Today I have a new to me author Erica J Whelton. Lets check out PREMEDICATED MURDER ( A Medium With A Heart book one)

                            BOOK BLURB

  When JOANNA WEBBER's husband dies in a drunk driving crash, six years ago, he leaves behind a pile of debt and a ton of lies. To dig herself out of the financial hole he left, she hatches a plan to become a medium. Why not? She has experience, well, sort of. Years ago, she blocked her psychic powers to save her sanity. In all the years since she never figured out how to regain them which initially has her leaning on her research skills to fake readings.

When, a local pharmaceutical executive, JEREMY LANDON contacts her to help solve a murder, she is stunned by the request since she is a medium not a detective and doesn't feel she has the proper experience or skills to investigate a murder, except maybe one - she's the only one who can see him.

                    MY REVIEW 
 When Joanna 's husband died he left a big pile of debt that Joanna had to get out of . So she decides to become a medium, she well she blocked her pyschic powers when she was a child all she has to do is to bring it back . But until then she will do her research and depend on her two friends to help her out. Until the day that Jeremy Landon comes to her to help her solve a murder well actually his murder. So with the help of her friends and a really cute police detective . Will she be able to solve the murder before she becomes a victim as well . I mean she is the only one that can see him . 

  The characters in this book are well rounded and complex . Joanna is a single woman actually a widow trying to get out from under her husbands debt . She is strong and feisty but there is also a little bit of sadness to her coming from how she was raised . She really goes through a lot through out this story. Detective Clinton not real sure about him. I feel that he would really grow as a hero but at first he kind of fell a little flat . He is a sweet guy that you can easily fall for and through out the story we get to see him save Joanna a few times . I feel there is going to be a romance brewing between the two of them . They really do click and want to see where the author takes them . 

 This is the first book I have read from this author and I must say I liked it . The author takes us on a joy ride . The characters can only get better with each book . I read this book in an evening and i did truly enjoy it . There were moments when i felt that the author kind of got lost in the story telling . I just felt that it kind of dragged on a little bit and yes there were a few grammar errors that I found through out the book. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the book and can't wait to read book two in the series . So if you enjoy a mystery with some romance mixed check it out . 

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