Tuesday, October 19, 2021


  Good morning all today I have a new release from a favourite author . ROCK ME TO THE TOP  by Victoria Zak. 

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  He believed the lie.

Uber-sexy drummer, Joe Grace, has it all, except the one woman he wants to share it with, his best friend, Melody. When he hires Mel to manage his band’s tour, hot summer nights flame into a new passion neither can deny, but their fire ignites the darkness hiding behind long-buried secrets and lies. Lies that could lose him the woman he loves unless he bares his soul and lays it all on the line.

She fell for the fantasy.
Melody Sterling is no stranger to rock and roll. As the daughter of a legendary rocker, she had a front row seat to the destruction that lifestyle did to her parents’ relationship. Dating a rock star after that disaster? Out of the question! Until her best friend becomes one. Down on her luck—and apparently out of her mind—she joins Joe on their Gracefall summer tour, and soon finds herself falling fast for the fantasy of his crazy world. Now she must decide if her own dreams are worth fighting for, even if believing in herself again means losing the man she loves.

                      MY REVIEW 
  Melody is the daughter of a legendary rock drummer, she has seen the pit falls of what a rock and roll lifestyle can do to a relationship. Her parents imploded with the lifestyle. When she has a bad audition for the orchestra she does the one thing she never thought she would . She goes on the road as the tour manager for her best friends band GRACEFALL . Joe Grace has been her best friend forever and when they go on the road together . Old feelings come to life and new feeling emerge, will they be able to keep them going or will they loose who they are . 

 Melody and Joe are that couple that have been best friends since they were kids . They were there for each other through some really dark times . Joe is basically from the other side of the tracks . He is protective of those he loves and is oh so sexy . He loves rock n roll and his band mates . Melody is the one person he loves more then anything .  Melody is a sweet woman who has been hurt in the past . She can be strong when she needs to be but there is one thing that she really wants is love but can she have love with a rocker . As with Joe , Melody has a dark secret that has them running from each other . They are such complex characters that you will love them and want the best for them . 

 This is the first book in a brand new series by one of my favourite author . I snuggled down and read this book in an evening the characters are so well written and you will love them . The author takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions through out the story . I truly enjoyed this story ,there are moments I wish the author put a little more angst between the main characters give them a little bit more to fight for . There are a couple of points where it kind of lagged just a little . Over all I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the second book in the series . So if you like the sexy rockers and the women they love . Check it out and snuggle under a warm blanket . 

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