Friday, October 29, 2021


   Good morning my lovelies HAPPY HALLOWEEN weekend to all of you out there . I am sorry that I have no scary stories for your weekend .But I do have some great romance for you . Today I have the first book in Beckmeyer family series . HOOKED by Bree Kraemer. 

                        BOOK BLURB 

   Barrett Beckmeyer lived his whole life knowing what he wanted. He wanted to be outside, on the lake at his family’s resort. Fishing was his life. In the summer, in the winter, it didn’t matter. He loved it. He didn’t know anything was missing.

Until Eden.
One night with her and nothing was the same.

Eden Craig wasn’t looking for more than a night of fun. That was all Barrett was supposed to be. One night and then forget him. Only forgetting him was impossible. And when she’s asked to be the lead architect on an addition at Maple Ridge Resort, she knows avoiding him will be inevitable.
She was hooked from the second he sat down next to her, but did he feel the same?

                     MY REVIEW 
 Barrett they oldest son of the Beckmeyer family is one of those guys who knows what he wants . To be outside working on the lake of his family's resort in northern Wisconsin. Until the night he went to town to blow off some steam . When he meets Eden at the bar and after a one night stand . Things change for both of them, and when she is the lead architect on the spa expansion for the lodge . There is no denying that there are sparks a flying and avoiding each other is difficult . Will they let each other know their feelings and let each other know how hooked they are . 

  OMG  let me tell you about Barrett and Eden . i seriously really liked these two. Barrett well he is the oldest of the family and there are moments he is like a bear with a sore paw. He never thought he would fall in love . He is sexy and grouchy which gets on his family's nerves sometimes . He likes living alone but that soon changes . Eden is sweet and kind but she is also hiding a bad past . They are a hot couple but also so sweet . Barrett will do anything to keep Eden safe and loved . Even protect her from her past that comes back to haunt her . We also get to meet the rest of the family which are like your typical family joking and loving each other . They tease each other but there is a love there that you will love . 

  This is one of those books where it is insta love but it is a well written insta love story . You can really feel the way they feel . The author takes us on a rollercoaster ride . There are some fun laugh out loud moments , some sexy moments that can make you blush a little . The most important part is family always being there for each other . This is a book that you can read in an evening a great book to curl up with on the cold fall evenings , Can't wait to read book two and see what happens with Nina , the little sister . So check it out

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