Sunday, April 24, 2022


  Good afternoon today is a non reader round up day , just going to let you know about a book I fell in love with . LAKE HOUSE PROMISES by Jodi Allen Brice . 

                           BOOK BLURB 

 Carolina Johnson had the life everyone wanted. A solid marriage of twenty years. A gorgeous house in the most desirable neighborhood. Friends at the country club. Yet, somehow, she always felt the other shoe would drop.

And drop it did! When she discovered her husband’s affair with a girl half his age. Even more devastating, she’s pregnant.

Now divorced, she has to start over in a lake house with too many issues to list, a neighbor who doesn’t like her and zero friends. To make matters worse, her outrageously rude former mother-in-law shows up and expects to spend a few days.

At forty years of age, Carolina has to start her life over from scratch and draw on the last vestiges of strength she has to make a life for herself.

A new life, new problems, and new relationships…can Carolina find out what matters the most in life and discover what true love really looks like? Or will she refuse to let go of the past and the bitterness that threatens to steal her happiness?

                      MY REVIEW 
 Carolina had it all a marriage she thought was forever , friends a gorgeous house in one of the most influential neighborhoods. Until the fateful day her world fell apart and she found out that her husband was cheating and his girlfriend was pregnant . So after the divorce she heads out to the lake house to start her life over . When things go from bad to worse but with a stubborness and a strength she starts over and finds out there is more friends out there that want to help and be her friend for her not her way of life . She will make her life with the people who want her in her life . 

 This is one of those books where the characters are amazing . Carolina is a forty year old woman who is at first a little naive when it comes to her husband and her friends . Until the day that she has to become a woman who can stand on her own two feet and survive .  She really starts to stand on her own as time goes by . She has a stubborn streak that will not let her stop .Chris her ex husband well he is a leech and I really wanted to throttle him . He is a slimy two timer who deserves everything he gets . Thomas is the gruff handy man who is doing work for Carolina . He may come off as a grump but deep down inside he is hurting and struggling with his wife's passing , Carolina helps him and he just becomes a man you want to know and maybe love. These are just a few of the characters that are friends and neighbours to Carolina . They are all such fun characters to read and you will fall in love with them . 

   This is a book that you can sit down and kind of get lost in .  I am truly loving the books this author writes . They have some traumas in them but we get to see the struggles and come out the other end stronger . The author takes us on such an emotional rollercoaster ride . Trust me there were times in the book I was wishing Chris would get his in the end and what about his mother . Trust me when you read what she did to Carolina you will want to throttle her also . This is a sweet clean story with some Christian values . But your really don't feel it in the book but you can feel the happiness and the strife that the characters go through. So if you want a sweet story of over coming life's traumas check it out you will not be disappointed .

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