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 Good afternoon my peeps , hope your Monday is going good . Its been a two pot of coffee kind of day here . The sun is shining and the snow is melting finally .Today I have the 3rd book in the Ever Dark Academy . GOT IT BAD  by Hp Mallory

                         BOOK BLURB

  After being ‘purged’ by the Academy of Enchantment, Everly loses all her memories of Ever Dark Academy, Dread, and the men who live there.

Luckily, she’s got a good friend in Griim who patiently helps Everly as she tries to relearn everything about Dread and Ever Dark. Little by little, Everly finds herself growing closer to Griim, much to Harlow’s discontent.

Then there’s also Jean-Claude—getting to know him the second time around doesn’t change the fact that Everly is drawn to him, though she isn’t sure why. Regardless, she can feel an attraction to him, a bond she can’t explain.

Meanwhile, Ever Dark Academy is looming very close to a potential battle with The Academy of Enchantment. On the surface, the reason why appears to be the fact that Jean-Claude, Griim and Harlow broke border protocols when they entered Arcadia uninvited. But Riven knows the true reasons run much deeper.

Those reasons have everything to do with the fact that Everly was able to read Dorian’s book—a journal no one has been able to decipher and one that’s believed to hold important information. And it’s that information the Academy of Enchantment is so worried about.

Now it’s just a matter of time before the Academy of Enchantment declares war on Ever Dark Academy and Everly seems to be stuck right in the middle.

                   MY REVIEW 
  Everly is back where she belongs with the men who love her for her . She has been through the worst thing imaginable a purge to erase all her memories of her time the men of the Ever Dark academy. Grim , Harlowe and Jean-Claude have rescued her and brought her back but she can't remember any of their time together . Now the Academy of Enchantment want her back and the book that only she can read . They want her back enough to start a war . Will Grim and the guys be able to stop the war and keep Everly out of the middle of the mess they made . 
 Everly and the guys are back and better then ever. Poor Everly has really been through it . She has lost everything all her memories and feelings . She is one tough cookie and just wants to get everything back to normal. She knows she belongs there with the men but just can't remember any of it . Grim is her best friend even when she lost her memories . He is the epitome of calm when it comes to Everly and treats her like herself and not like some damsel like the other two treat her like. Harlowe well he kind of bugged me , he seemed like he wasn't himself and was really being kind of bossy and had an attitude with Everly most of the time. He kind of really bothered me in this book . Jean-Claude well is too cool and collected , he is worried about what they did and how they are going to stop them . He does love Everly but he also wants to keep her safe and protected . I must admit that I like where the author is taking these characters and the love that they do have for each other . 
  This is one fast read that you can read in the weekend . This is a fast paced book that had me on the edge of my seat most of the time . The author really puts the characters through  it in this installment. We get to see more from the guys and their love for Everly and each of them really do love her in their own ways . I admit that this is a one click author to me I love how she takes her characters and puts them in the middle of a greatly built world . Then she goes into overdrive and puts those characters through the wringer . You pray that they come out the other side stronger and they do. There is a cliff hanger in this book and boy its a big one . I was shocked and kind of mumbling not so nice words as I was reading the last chapters . I can't wait to see how they are in the next book in the series . So if you want a good series check out the series you will not be disappointed .

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