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 Good afternoon all today is day nine in the reader round up and today i have the next book in the X CLAN series . BARILOCHE SECTOR  by Lexi C Foss

                           BOOK BLURB

  Kari Zamora

My father enslaved me. Ruined me. Sold me. Left me to suffer.
Until he rescued me.

Alpha Sven Mickelson of Norse Sector claims to be my savior, to want me to live, and vows to protect me. But I know Alphas can't be trusted. All he wants is my mating bond. To own me. To make me his.

No one cares what I want. But they will.

Because I have a plan.
One no one will see coming.
And by the time they realize I'm gone, it'll be too late to chase me.

Sven Mickelson

My destiny is to lead. To own. To possess. I'm an Alpha of significant birthright, and I'm ready to claim what's mine. Except she continues to deny me.

Omega Kari is broken. Destroyed. A female shredded apart by those she trusted most. And I'm the only one who can piece her back together. If she lets me.

She thinks I'm blind to her conniving ways, but I sense the fighter lurking beneath her fur. I'm daring her to come out to play. Because when she does, I'll finally be able to stake my claim.

So go on, then, little wolf.
Try to run.
I won't be far behind.
And together, we'll burn Bariloche Sector to the ground.

                           MY REVIEW 
  Kari has ben rescued by the one man who can maybe heal her in the process . When Sven  sees Kari at a sector party he is over come with the desire to protect and heal . When he gets he to safety and in his arms she is broken beyond repair . She may be trying to get under his skin with her ways but to find out the way to help her . They go through a lot and when he finally finds the fighter hidden deep down inside he knows that its time to help her burn down the sector that was once her home and her darkest fear .

 Ok I am going to warn you right here and right now . Kari is broken and I mean broken . She is the darkest space ever .  She is basically a shell of a human being just relying on her wolf to hold it together . They have a a disconnect between them . As she heals we see a woman who is willing to fight for what she wants . Sven is an alpha and he is the kind of alpha is loving and nurturing to the one he loves and needs . They are are suited to each other and when they are together they are awesome . Kazek and Winter are back and ready for the fight . These characters are very well written and  complex . 

 I am going to tell you this book isn't for the faint of heart . There is some really dark things that go on in the first part of the book . There is talk of rape, dark depressing thoughts of suicide . It also deals with human trafficking and the after math of dealing with all of this . The main character also has PTSD  and watching her work through all of what happened to her . Breaks your heart into a million pieces . The author doesn't leave us sad for too long . We get to see her start to grow an become the fighter she is . The author really takes us on a rollercoaster ride . You will love the characters and the story will have you on the edge of your seat through most of the book . I will admit I did shed some tears when I was reading Kari 's back story and what happned to her . You can read this as a stand alone but if you really want to get into the X Clan series . 

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