Tuesday, April 19, 2022


 Good afternoon peeps , its a cold and blustery day here on the farm . It is the winter that will just not end here . Good day to curl up and read . Today I have book 4 in the Sinful Natures series . UNHOLY TEMPTATION by Lynn Burke . 

                            BOOK BLURB

 As an assistant pastor at Simply Grace Church, it’s my duty to abstain from the appearance of evil—which includes keeping my sexual orientation to myself, same as I’ve done with my close-knit family.

Yet I knew I was different when at age fourteen, I woke from a dream with the evidence of my desire for him.

Aiden McNelis, my older brother’s best friend.

But he left for the west coast after graduation, and I chose God.

Almost sixteen years later, Aiden’s return catches me unaware, but even more surprising is how he’s changed. He looks at me with more than friendship in his eyes, studies me like he wants to strip me down body and soul.

Aiden’s curiosity closely mirrors mine, challenging my spirituality with unholy temptation.

But giving into my sinful nature, touching the forbidden, won’t just tear apart the life I’ve built for myself.

It will ruin my family as well.

                       MY REVIEW 
 Jed is the assistant pastor at Simple Grace Church . He is hiding a big secret that had a pastor removed and a couple of members leave . He has successfully hidden his identity until the moment his brothers best friend moves back to town and moved in across the hall from him. Jed is at a cross roads in his life when there is more going on at the church and he must decide on what he is going to do . Will Aiden's help and his love help Jed come out of his shell and become the man that Aiden knows he is . 
  I was so excited to hear that Jed was getting his own story. He is such a sweet guy who is torn between two worlds . He is a man of God but he is also a gay man who wants to be loved by someone.  He is a sweet shy nerdy guy who loves Star wars and graphic novels . Who has his life turned upside down when a person from his past comes back into his life . Aiden is that guy that everyone loved in high school , he was a jock who well did not know what he wanted . He was a man who the girls flocked to . To say he was kind of cocky and sure of himself . When he comes home he is well rethinking his life after his divorce . He is still cocky but he is also finding out a lot about himself and why his relationship didn't work. They both really do a lot of growing up through out this book especially Jed we see him become a man who is proud of who he has become and he grew up a lot . Aiden grew up also and realized who he was really suppose to be deep down inside . They are such well written characters that are well written and complex . 
 This is one of those stories that once you start it you will not stop until you are done. I read this book in an evening and just couldn't put it down . The author really paints a realistic view of what it is like to be different and find the love you deserve . The characters are so well written and complex you will love them from the very first moment you meet them, You don't have to read the other three books but it would be a good idea to get to know the guys .  I truly enjoyed this series and can't wait to see what the author will come with next . So if you like a love story that is full of angst with great characters check it out 

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