Wednesday, April 27, 2022


  Good morning all , today is a non reader round up book . I will admit i totally forgot about having to do a blog post . Must organize better. So here we go I have a new author to me and his book  KILL THE GIANTS ( A Rogan novel ) by Steven L Strewsbury

                            BOOK BLURB

    In an antediluvian world, Keltos warrior Rogan emerges as the lone survivor of a battle. Slaying a Nephilim giant from Shynar, Rogan takes back the mammoth his folk gifted the kings.

Soon, warriors are sent to recapture the mammoth and bring it to the Lord of the world, Zazaeil, a demon in human flesh, and the Nephilim giant Marduk, in the fabled city of Irem.

After learning that his sister is to be a sacrificial bride to Marduk, Rogan journeys to Irem in the company of Elisa, a warrior herself, whose mother is a wizardess. With a horde of warriors in pursuit, they encounter many evils, monsters, and challenges to their selves and souls.

Will the song of Rogan’s blood make him strong enough to be the Killer of Giants?

                      MY REVIEW

   When Rogan a keltos warrior emerges out of a battle the only survivor . Slaying a nephillin giant , he receives a mammoth that was gifted to the kings .  Soon warriors are sent to recapture the mammoth and take it to the fabled city of Irem  for the lord of the world Zazele who is a demon in human form . When Rogan's sister is to be the sacrifice to this god . Rogan must fight the warriors and save his sister, will he be able to get to her in time and will he survive. 

 There are some great characters in this book the main character is Rogan a fierce warrior who sometimes is way too cocky for his own good . Now you are going to laugh at me but as a character I really loved the mammoth . The author made the mammoth almost people like when  he is saving Rogan and fighting with Rogan . There are a lot of characters through out this book that are all well written and unique . Each character is complex and well written and I truly enjoyed them .

 This is one of those books where you settle down with a blanket and a good cup of tea and no distractions .  Then you start reading you get sucked into a magical world where the author paints a wonderful world and you are taken on a roller coaster ride . The characters are well crafted and complex and you will be on the edge of your seat most of the time . But I did find that it did lag in a few spots and it felt a little slow not enough to stop reading . Over all I really enjoyed this book and would like to read more from this author . So if you want a good fantasy book with some great characters check it out . 

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