Monday, July 17, 2023


  Good morning my peeps. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and stayed cool with a good book. Today I have for you book two in the Salem Pack series. WOLF'S WINTER  by Lisa Kessler. 

                          BOOK BLURB

 It’s Christmas in Salem, and Winter Allen isn’t just playing the Ghost of Christmas Past in the community theater’s production of A Christmas Carol, she’s actually seeing them. And this spirit is worried that the people responsible for her murder are now after her daughter. Somehow the ghost knows Winter is a witch, and her ice magic may be the key to saving the ghost’s daughter.

Jackson Walker is a PI in Salem, but he’s also a werewolf, and his heightened senses give him an edge. When a witch from the Coven of Light contacts him asking for help in finding a missing woman, he’s quick to agree. The last thing he expects to discover is that Winter is his one true mate.

With a nefarious law firm hunting for witches, the holidays have never been more dangerous, but Winter can protect herself. Her real fear is losing her heart, and one kiss with Jackson under the mistletoe just might seal her fate…

                      MY REVIEW 
 Welcome to Salem where things aren't always what you expect. It is Christmas time and between playing the ghost of Christmas past and planning the winter party for the coven and the local werewolf pack. Winter Allen . a witch, gets a visit in the night from a ghost asking to find her daughter and help keep her safe. With the help of Jackson Walker a pi and a werewolf they plan a party, work on finding the girl and well they are more to each other then they both know. Will one kiss bring them together or will the evil law firm take them out before they can realize that they belong together.

  Winter is such a cool character, she may be a witch but she has some really cool powers to go along with being a witch. She can see dead people and she is an elemental, winter is her specialty. She is a sweet woman who has been through so much but has survived and flourished. She comes off shy when you meet her but when she is on the stage she is a different person . Jackson well he is the guy in high school that every girl would dream of , on the football team, gorgeous and well liked. There is a deeper part to Jackson that is hidden from the world besides being a werewolf , he is pretty deep and not your typical jock. They are such a fun couple to cheer for they have some sweet times together and are very cute together. 

  This is the second book in the series and it is a sweet Christmas novella that will put you in the mood for hot choc and mistletoe .  Yes there is a lot of mistletoe in this book hehehehehe. The characters are well written and you will love them . The story will keep you turning pages and be on the edge of your seat and swooning. The only thing I do wish it was a little longer and pull us in deeper into the story. Over all I loved this book and happy to see a new series from one of my favourite authors. A great summer read for the lake.

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