Tuesday, July 25, 2023


   Good Tuesday my peeps, hope you are staying cool in this unbelievable heat we are having . I hope you all are getting some great summer reading done. Today I have for you book in the Midlife Mysteries series THE MIDNIGHT GARDEN  by Hp Mallory

                           BOOK BLURB


I haven’t seen Inspector Stirling for weeks… at his insistence, not mine.
But when Spencer and I stumble across the most bizarre of gardens situated right in the middle of Highgate Cemetery and then very nearly get trapped within it?
Well, the inspector is the first person who needs to know about it!
The only problem is the blasted man won’t listen to me!
And when I insist that his most recent missing person case is tied to this very strange garden?
As always, he refuses to allow me to get involved.
But if there’s one thing I don’t enjoy doing, it’s taking ‘no’ for an answer…


There are very few things in life that bring me much pleasure.
Truly, I’m always looking for that next adventure, the next daring escapade that might bring me the excitement I so desire.
So when my little Pip and I come across a ghostly garden hidden in London’s foremost graveyard, well my interest is certainly piqued.
While the garden is the newest of mysteries for the two of us to solve, there is nothing quite like the mystery of this beguiling woman’s heart.
And that is the one adventure above all others that thrills me to my very core.

                   MY REVIEW 
 Welcome back to London, Phillipa hasn't seen Inspector Sterling in some time and has been spending her time with Spencer and also trying to harness her power, When out walking one evening Phillipa and Spencer come across an eerie garden right in the middle of Highgate. Which Phillipa tells Inspector Sterling and Spencer wants to solve the mystery of the garden, 'Will Phillipa be able to figure out her gift and solve the mystery with out getting harmed in any way and will Inspector Sterling finally come to terms with his feelings and will Spencer get the adventure he wants, 

  Phillipa and the boys are back and actually funnier then ever. Phillipa is still her strong self with opinions and theories on what is happening. She is working hard on harnessing her powers and getting herself entangled in yet another mystery. She is one strong willed woman who knows what she wants . Grant , Inspector Sterling , well he is still really uptight and stand offish but things come to light about his feelings for Phillpa and it is causing him distraction. I love how his uptight persona is starting to slip a bit when it comes to her. Now lets talk about Spencer he is such a scallywag who loves a good mystery but also loves the chase of Phillipa. He truly wants to spend time with her but is always on the look out for something better. I truly like where the author is taking these characters and how she is building them and turning them into more complex characters , 

 This is the start of a new mystery story arc and it starts of with a bang .The author has us on the edge of our seats with all the twists and turns that happen through out the book The characters are well written and becoming more and more complex with each book.  The story does end in a cliff hanger but I can't wait to see what happens . If you love books like Bridgerton  this is the book for you but this book has a touch of paranormal that will have you reading all night long . Check it out . 

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