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   Good morning my peeps hope you all had a great weekend and stayed cool. Today I have for you book three in the Salem Pack series WOLF'S WOMAN by Lisa Kessler 

                          BOOK BLURB 

 Wyatt Rivers has always had a big heart when it comes to his pack, but love is a little more complicated for a werewolf. Now that his new Alpha has found his one true mate, he’s pushing the rest of the pack to do the same. Wyatt has touched plenty of women skin to skin over the years, and his wolf has remained silent. He didn’t expect that to change the night he visited the Grand club in Boston and hooked up with a leggy redhead.

Ashleigh Merrit has a secret that forced her to give up on relationships, but she can’t bring herself to swear off men completely. A one night stand with a tall sexy man in a club couldn’t hurt. No strings attached. She didn’t even tell him her real name. But when this third grade teacher from Salem brings her class on a field trip to the Munro Manor Farms, she comes face to face with the hot guy who rocked her world.

After kicking himself for allowing his mate to slip through his fingers, fate delivers her right to his doorstep, but someone is killing werewolves in the Salem Pack, and Wyatt will do anything to keep his mate safe, even if it means rejecting the only woman he will ever love.

                    MY REVIEW 


   Wyatt just wanted to blow off some steam but boy he wasn't expecting to find his other half, his mate . Ashleigh just wanted a one night stand, she doesn't do relationships at all. When they meet sparks fly but how do they find each other again. There were no strings attached one night stand. Until the day that she shows up at Munroe's farm and walks smack into the middle of Wyatt and his twin brother. When fate throws them a curve ball Wyatt and Ashleigh are thrown together when someone is after her and also killing the members of the Salem Pack. Will they be able to stay together or will Wyatt send her away to keep her safe . 

 Ok lets dive right into these characters, all i can say is holy wow. Wyatt is the guy you want to have on your side . Not only is he sexy but he is a good guy who would do anything to keep you safe . But. like any good hero he is also burdened by the past and also what will happen. Ashleigh well she is actually kind of a mess, she has sworn off men well kind of . She does like to have a one night stand every now and then. She is actually a sweet woman who has been hurt in her life and also is having to hide a secret that she is scared of. She does grow into her own by the end of the book which is so great to see . We also get to meet Micah a jaguar shifter from if I am not mistaken from the Sedona pack ( a cross over from the that series ). He is all about protection and is there to keep the pack safe during the full moon. He is kind of mysterious but oh so sexy. He fits right in with the Salem pack and doing his best to keep those safe and secure. The rest of the pack is back along with the witches of the Coven of light. We really get to see them all come together as a family when things start to go wrong . 

  Even though this is the third book in the series you really can get lost in the book if you haven't read the other books. The characters are so well written and you will fall for each of them. The author has a way to take her characters and put them through the wringer but have them come out better and stronger then ever . There is a love story with action thrown in for fun.  Reading books from this author are like coming home for a big hug after you have been away for awhile . So if you want a fun beach read for the last part of summer check it out You will not be disappointed 

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