Monday, July 3, 2023


  Good Monday morning peeps , hope you all had a great weekend. It was Canada day here so we have a nice long weekend here. Got a lot of reading done and spent time out in the sun. Today I have for you book 3 in the Midlife Mysteries , IN SHROUDED SHADOWS  by Hp Mallory.

                          BOOK BLURB 

  London, 1880


As if it weren’t difficult enough to solve the mystery of these blasted Poison Pen Letters that continue to plague the London elite, I’m also trying to solve the mystery of my own paranormal powers.
Abilities I’m starting to believe might be more a curse than a blessing.
But when I seek out the guidance of Madame Dubois, a skilled medium who should be able to part the veil, things don’t exactly go as planned.
With the question of my paranormal curse or gift still unresolved, I put all my focus into disrobing the author of the Poison Pen Letters by…
Throwing my own ball!
Convinced this is the only way to catch the troublesome author (by setting my own trap), I find myself caught between the attentions of two men: the surly Inspector Stirling and the scoundrel, William Spencer.
It’s growing more and more difficult to keep each man firmly in the friend camp when they begin awakening feelings within me I thought dead and buried with my dearly departed husband…


Philippa Fairfax is the most troublesome woman in all of London.
And I can’t bloody well get her out of my mind.
Or out of my investigation into the Poison Pen Letters.
The case takes a turn for the personal when Philippa receives her own letter, warning her to keep her nose out of the investigation or suffer the consequences.
While the woman would drive any poor bastard to drink, her safety is now my primary concern.
And I will make damn sure no one harms a hair on her head…

                      MY REVIEW 
    Phillipa is back and embroiled in another mystery along with the two men vying for her hand. She is also trying to figure out what her paranormal powers are and why she has them. The poison pen letters are still plaguing London What does a woman do to but throw her own ball to flush out the writer of the letters and honestly to get to the bottom of her powers . She along with Madame Dubois, a skilled medium and Inspector Grant Sterling and William Spencer . Will they finally find out the author of the letters and will Phillipa finally figure out her powers . 

  Welcome back to London 1880 where women are put on display with the latest fashion of the time . Phillipa is at the height of fashion and well she is actually having a trying time of it in this book. She wants to get to the bottom of who is sending out the letters but is having a bigger time of trying to figure out what type of physic powers she has . She has grown a lot and become a true lady and a fighter for what she believes in. Grant is becoming more around to Phillipa and what she can do. They still have their moments where they butt heads but you see them start find their way to each other. They are well written and becoming more and more complex. 

    In the third book we find it more about what her powers can do and we watch how the relationship between Grant and Phillipa grow. I must admit that is has been my favorite book of the series so far. It is really more intense and we get to see a more intimate side to the two main characters. We also get to know more about how Phillipa got her physic powers and what they can do. This book is a story full of lies and secrets, and obsessions and ones ability to overcome the pressures put on them. We also get a love story that is building and changing with each character . You know how it goes girl hates boy , boy loves girl but doesn't show it and pushes her away. You should try this series out if you love Bridgerton with a dash of Supernatural this could be the series for you . Check it out for you summer by the lake reading

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