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  Good afternoon peeps, hope you are having a wonderful day. Today I have for you the last book in the Happily Never After series by Hp Mallory. BLAZE

                          BOOK BLURB

     The final book in the Happily Never After Series…

Blaze, otherwise known as Little Red Riding Hood, has a mission.
And it’s an important one.
But when she gets kidnapped and the charm that allows her to see is taken from her, she finds herself in a cave and blind. And completely dependent on whoever has abducted her.
Unluckily for her, it’s a group of three hellhounds.
But these hellhounds—Ransom, Axion and Maddox—aren’t all they seem to be. And fairly soon, Blaze finds herself needing to team up with them to defeat a much larger threat.
Meanwhile, the rest of the Chosen ten are battling their own wars with enemies who serve under Morningstar.
Will the Chosen Ten find victory against their adversaries? Read the final book in the Happily Never After series to find out!

                   MY REVIEW 
 We are back and Blaze is trying to get to groups of fighters that will hopefully take out Morningstar. When she is taken down by three hell hounds that want her to help them take out the enemy. Ransom, Axion and Maddox are well more then what they say they are and Blaze needs to trust herself and lean on them to help her defeat the enemy. While everyone is fighting hard to take out the enemy and return the world to normal. Blaze and her three men must make their way to  free the one person who could change the tide of the war. Will they all be able to find their happy ever after and will they be able to fight and destroy the enemy. 
 Blaze is a fighter and a spy who has a hard time realizing that she is a chosen one. She is trying to get everyone where they are suppose to be and making sure that there are fighters . When she finds three hounds that well are her mates she is not sure how to take it. She knows she has feelings for two and the third gave his life to get them through. I must say Blaze is one of my favorite characters she is brilliant and feisty and wants to fight for what is right.Ransom is a devilish sweet guy who has the charm of twenty men when it comes to the ladies. Maddox is well he is a healer and wants to help those out but he is also very sweet and very good looking. Axion is the king and wants to get his followers back he will do what must be done to keep his people safe. We also get so more of the characters from the other books fighting for what is right . I think the author saved the best for last in characters they are well written and complex. 
  It is hard to say good bye to such wonderful characters and a great series. I usually have trouble with retelling of such fairy tales but this author made them her own and took them to new directions . These books are reverse harem and so much fun to read, the characters are well written and each of them are complex . This series is a fun easy read for those lazy summer nights . I think you need to read the books in order so you can keep up with all the ladies . Check it out .

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