Friday, July 21, 2023


  Good morning peeps we made it to another hot summer weekend. I hope you are all staying cool and getting lots of good books read. Today I have for you book 3 in the Mystic Hollows series . GORGON GONE WILD  by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain.

                            BOOK BLURB

 I’ve been hired to protect the weregator community, just outside Misty Hollow, from whatever is living in the swamp—something that continues to claim lives.

Why would a group of machismo gators need the protection of a woman like me? Easy—I’m a gorgon, and with my stare that can turn any creature into stone, I’m basically at the top of the supernatural food chain.

But when six more weregator youth go missing, we all realize there’s something inside the swamp that’s bigger than all of us.

In fear for our lives, we must seek solace inside the protected perimeter of Misty Hollow. But seeking that protection means asking the mayor, Alistair Beaumont, for help.

And that’s not easy because Beaumont essentially stole the land Misty Hollow sits on, and the weregators still haven’t gotten over it.

When we’re denied entrance to Misty Hollow, I decide to take up the case personally and make it my own mission to approach Beaumont.

What I’m not counting on, however, is the sudden attraction I feel toward the scoundrel. Nor the way he reacts to me.

While my hormones are certainly reacting to the vampire, I’m also reasonably sure that Alistair Beaumont isn’t all he seems—and, more particularly, that he’s hiding something. Something big.

Good thing for me that I’m just the type of woman who likes to solve mysteries because this is one mystery that affects us all.

                  MY REVIEW 


  Welcome back to Misty Hollow where the weregators are being attacked and need help from the hollow but they won't help out.  Dory has been hired by the gators to keep them safe but there is a bigger threat out there they any of them know. After being attacked by by and unknown force they are force to seek help from the hollow. Allistair the mayor and vampire of the hollow doesn't want them to enter but when Dory pleads their case things take a different turn. Can a vampire and a gorgon be able to save the hollow and find out that there is a place for both of them .

  We get to see the hollow from a totally different view this time around. Dory is a Gorgon a descendant of Medusa. She doesn't think that she is good enough because she isn't like the rest of her family. She is a very cautious woman who really doesn't realize her own worth. We also get to see the rest of the cast of characters . The were gators are such a fun read they may come of gruff and rough but deep down they are a family and when a family gets hurt they come together to fight..  And what is up with Allistair is was such a fun read this time . He wasn't so much of a stick in the mud, uptight arrogant man. He does have a heart under that vampire mask he dons every day.

 This is such a fun fast read and it was nice to see the other part of the community shown in the book. The characters are so much fun to read and every book has a new character that just adds to the family. I am truly enjoying this series and they would be a great read for the last part of summer. So if you want a fun read check out this series you will be laughing all summer.

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