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  Good Friday my peeps. I hope you are all getting ready for a great weekend and find time to read. Today I have for you a very emotional book 6 in the Resistance Girl series . THE CRYSTAL BUTTERFLY by Hannah Byron 

                           BOOK BLURB 

 In the depths of wartime, love emerges as an unyielding force. Prepare for an unforgettable journey through heartbreak and courage in this gripping WW2 tale. Drawing inspiration from captivating classics like The Lost Girls of Paris and The Nightingale, this book will ensnare you from the very first page.

Amsterdam, 1939

Dance is the poetry of her soul; dance is her sanctuary.

In the ruthless world of professional dance, Edda Van der Valk, a blue-blooded prima ballerina, sacrifices everything for her passion. But her dreams crumble under the weight of a relentless Russian rival. Seeking solace, she flees to a Swiss finishing school.

Amidst Germany's tightening grip on her homeland, Edda is confronted by her parents courting Hitler’s Fascism. A glimmer of hope emerges when she meets Asher Hoffmann, a fellow dancer whose Jewish family sought safety in Holland. Together, they dance to forget their sorrows, only to be engulfed by betrayal and deportation.

Driven by determination, Edda joins the Dutch Resistance, defying insurmountable odds to protect Jewish families. But framed by treacherous members of the Dutch NSB, she faces arrest and is sent to Camp Westerbork—a haunting purgatory before the harrowing journey to the concentration camps. Amidst despair, she loses Ash's cherished butterfly brooch, the symbol of their love.

The Crystal Butterfly unveils the heart-breaking journey of a dreamlike, artistic spirit, who crashes down hard only to find her true wings when all hope is lost. Get it now before the price goes up.

                      MY REVIEW 
 Welcome to Amsterdam in 1939 Germany is tightening its grip on Edda's homeland but the young woman is a born and bred ballerina who is putting everything into her dancing, With the German influence pushing its weight in her country Edda heads to a finishing school in Switzerland. As she recoups from her accident while dancing she makes some good friends but all she wants to do is dance. When she heads back she has to come to terms with her families ties with Germany and the pressure they are putting on her and her family. There is a glimmer of hope when she meets Asher Hoffman a dancer who is also Jewish.  When they dance there is no war or pain but like everything else their love is torn apart when Asher and his family are taken away and Edda doesn't know what to do . She joins the resistance and starts helping the Jewish communities but is that enough. After being framed and put in prison the only thing that can help Edda get through it is the beautiful crystal brooch that Asher gave her and hold on to the love that they have. 

 Ok I am first going to let you know that the characters in this book will absolutely break your heart. Edda is a proper young lady is very disciplined in her passion as a dancer. She is one of the best in the ballet world. She is tough as nails and it seems like things don't get to her but deep down inside of her is a sadness. She tries to hide the fact that she has lost everything including her family to the Germans. She is stronger and more determined to help those out and to dance again. Asher is well he is kind of a tough cookie to crack he is strong but deep down inside he is scared about what could happen to him and his family cause of his religion. Like Edda he wants this war over and to continue dancing with the woman who stole his heart. Tante Riet is like a surrogate mother to Edda but I will tell you there is more to this woman then meets the eye. She is the part of the resistance and really keeps Edda together through out, when they start doing tasks for the resistance they really do bond together and become a family. Each of these characters are very well written and complex . 

  This may be book 6 in the series it reads like it could be read as a stand alone . The author takes us on such an emotional ride. I have never felt so many emotions while reading a book. The tolls of what people have gone through you can't imagine, and the happiness of being freed from the camps is infectious. The story will have you on the edge of your seat, sighing softly for the love between the two main characters and you will be shedding a tear or two as the trials of the past come back to haunt you . This is one of those books that you will want to devour and savor . Check out this author and her historical romance books that will give you all the feels. 

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