Friday, October 21, 2016


   Good Friday all , today we are going to review a cool new author's book SURRENDER OF LUELLA( Perchance to dream book 1)  by Jennifer Lassalle Edwards

                            BOOK BLURB

My daydreams are the web I weave to deceive my brain, and ultimately, escape my reality. After all, isn’t happiness the lies we create to make it through life? – Luella Parker

Disappointed by people her whole life, shy and introverted Luella Parker prefers the company of her dreams and books instead.

Stuck in a dead end job with a boss who resented her presence, Luella longed for an escape from her solitary reality. Her wild fantasies provided her that exodus.

A dropped book on a bench changes everything. After a stranger tries to return the book she left behind, Fletcher Stevens approaches her for more. He offers her a life altering proposition.

Fletcher’s proposal would allow her to bring all of her wicked desires to life. As Fletcher and Luella explore her kinky wishes through their arrangement.

Could this be all of her dreams coming true, becoming a My Fair Lady of Kink?

                        MY REVIEW
   What do you get when you mix My Fair Lady and BDSM , you get Surrender of Luella . A well written story . Let me introduce you to Luella a young lady that  has been mistreated by everyone in her life . She is such an introvert that she is basically hired at her job so that she will not sleep with her boss. He is a cad a big cad that will sleep with any woman out there . She loves to daydream and on the day that she sits down on a bench a handsome stranger comes and sits beside her . All of Luella's darkest dreams are about to come true .
    This is my first book I have read by this author and boy I am glad I did . I was hooked by page 2 . I really felt for Luella she is such a complex character . She has been hurt her whole life and you see her at the beginning as she hides within herself . As she is with Fletcher you see her start to blossom and become the woman that she truly wants to be. She grows stronger and stronger with each deed that Fletcher sends her to do . She grows so much and blossoms under Fletcher.
Fletcher is an alpha with a capital A, he knows what Luella needs and is willing to give it to her . All he asks in return is honesty but he is hiding something and that something is big . He is the kind of man that you want to drop to your knees and do as he asks . He is strong, good looking and knows what he wants and how to give it to her. You will want to be his from the first time you meet him. Then trust me ladies you will hate him then like him again then hate him at the end . So not going to tell you more about him or I will give it away.
     This book bought out a great deal of emotion from me . I know what its like to be an introvert . Luella hit a nerve with me . For some reason I really connected with her, which to me is a sign of a really good writer . The author takes us to a raw place that is inside all of us . Where we want to go but too scared to explore .  I have read quite a few BDSM books and this one is different, there is more to this story then just the kink .  We find a couple that are actually caring and maybe falling in love .  The writing is great and the story moved at a good pace , the characters grew and became stronger through out the story . I will say she did leave us with a cliff hanger .  So if you want a great story with strong characters check it out

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  1. Oh this review! You have me smiling ear to ear. It makes me incredibly happy that you enjoyed Luella. xoxo JLE