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  Well it is a day late but HAPPY RELEASE DAY  to Jessica Aspen and her new book CARMINE  (a fantasy romance of the Crimson Court . Tales of the Crimson Court book 4)

                            BOOK BLURB 

When an underpaid, overworked secretary flees into the arms of an outlaw wolf—is it magic?
Or is it fate?
After a long days work, all Carmine wants is to put her feet up. But when she’s forced to run for safety she falls head-over-heels into a world of enchantment—where wolves change into men, fairies fly through the air, and she herself might be a lost fae princess with magical powers.
Betrayed by his pack, the last thing wolf shifter Culann needs is a woman who’s never seen magic—even if she is his true-mate. And when he finds out she’s a fairy princess in disguise, all hell breaks loose.
Can a lone wolf and a secretary-turned-princess find true love? Or will they lose everything to an evil queen’s lust for power.
Fairy tale twist, a lost fae princess, and a reluctant hero…
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Want a taste? Read on for an excerpt from CARMINE…
A stocky shadow separated itself from the shadowy overhang of a garage. “Well, look who’s here, back from working in the big city.” Compact and solid, with a wrestler’s build, the nemesis of the neighborhood, Jorge Gonzales moved out into the street.
Carmine froze, hand still in her purse. “Hello, Jorge.” She eased it out, leaving her phone in her bag. If Jorge saw it, he’d likely try to take it from her, and she hadn’t bought the insurance.
“Hello yourself, Carmine.” The way he rolled her name off his tongue made her back go rigid.
Tightening up her grip on her purse straps, she sped up, boot-heels clicking loudly into the empty street.
“Where you going, chica? Too busy to talk to me?”
She moved fast, but despite his shorter legs, he moved faster, blocking her way, forcing her away from the houses and into the middle of the street. She went to veer around him, aiming for the safety of the houses and light, and away from the dark line of trees, but he stayed right with her, herding her even farther into the dark.
“Think you’re so special, don’t you, Carmine, with your big degree and your big job.”
She was too close to the forest, too close to Jorge. Her heartbeat picked up, pulsing loudly in her ears. Danger. Danger. Danger.
They were just trees, they couldn’t hurt her, couldn’t move. Couldn’t open up and swallow children and cats as if they’d never been there. She had to remember—the real danger was walking beside her, almost in front of her, his eyes bright with malice.
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                    MY REVIEW 
     When Carmine is left on a doorstep as an infant , she grows up amongst people who love her . When she is five she is transported to Underhill one day . She is saved by a wolf and taken back to the portal .  Time passes and she grows up and while being chased by town gang . She is transported back to Underhill where she is once again saved by the wolf that saved her some time ago. Culann the wolf shifter and the man that can save her and himself in the process . 

    I truly love the characters in this series . Carmine and Culann are no exception . Carmine well she is like all the women of Underhill . She is sweet and innocent but there is an underlying strength that she has that keeps her fighting for those who she loves . She becomes the heroine that helps save Culann. 

 Culann is well he is complicated sort of man . He has been through so much , from being exiled from his pack for something he didn't do . He has been through so much and you just want to hug him . He is a sweet guy that you will want to bring home to mom but he is also so very flawed . You will love him and cheer for him and Carmine . There are some recurring characters back in this book also . Finn and Ella help Carmine and Culanne out . Ronatta is back raising havoc and wanting Carmine for herself so she can do a spell . Ronatta is so evil in this book she really can bring on the havoc when she wants to . 

   I was so excited when I found out that there was going to be another book . I love this series so much . The author takes us on an adventure that shows us that a woman can be the hero of her own story .  There are twists and turns that will keep you reading and loving every moment of it . There are some steamy scenes that will have you blushing and giggling . I love how the author takes a fairy tale and twists it into a story that is up to date and shows that a damsel doesn't have to be in distress .  This can be read as a stand alone but if you want to get the full feel of UNDERHILL and all its residents read the whole series . This will be a great series to add to your summer and fall reading challenge . 

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