Friday, August 30, 2019


Wow its the end of August the summer went by so fast . Today I have the finally book in the Ashwood series for you . TROUBLE UNDONE by Kinney Scott

                             BOOK BLURB

Three different men try to tame Kelsey. Only one makes her come undone.
Kelsey Fisher refuses to mask the qualities that make her successful.
Is she competitive? All day long.
Aggressive? Sure, when she needs to be.
Impatient? Ask the guy she just passed on the highway - he’s probably still coughing on the dust left by her wake.
She’s hard to take, but Kels can’t compromise.
As an owner of Venture, an outdoor guiding business, she needs those qualities to face the challenge of a remote mountain trail or a run on a class-five river.
Yet, there a times when she needs to unplug and go way off grid.
Only one man understands her softer side – the surfer she crosses paths with on the Oregon Coast. He’s uncomplicated, gorgeous, effortless.
Unfortunately, Mark’s destined to follow the waves and move on.
                          MY REVIEW 
    Kelsey is competitive and aggressive no man can tame her . Owning an outfitting , guiding company she has to be tough to keep her clients safe . There are times when she needs to unwind, unplug and just get off the grid . There is only one man that knows her softer side she can't keep her mind off of him but Mark has a destiny to follow the waves . 

 Mark and Kelsy's story is a hard story , they go through so much . Kelsey is a feisty .sassy woman . She is out going and fun . There is more to her , there is a hurt there in her heart . She is stronger then most people think she is and after her accident we see her fight even harder to get back what she has lost. Mark is an easy going surfer who just wants to hang out and hit the waves. He is a sweet guy but sometimes he does come off just a little bit shallow. When he is with Kelsey things seem to change in both of them. Now there is Parker , she is a crafty one that woman . You really can't trust her at all . She just seems to want to hurt everyone around her. 

  I honestly think that this book is the one that the author has poured all her angst into . The characters are very well written and complex . There are moments you want to wrap the characters up in blankets and hug them tight .  Their story is very complex and there are moments that you will cry and laugh and there are moments when you think of what you would do in the situation they are in . The author takes us on a very emotional roller coaster ride in this final book .  This book shows us about family and true friends and what they will do to help you out . This is a great book and I think the whole series should be on your tbr list for this fall . Check them out .


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