Saturday, August 31, 2019


Well it is the Labour day long weekend here and it is time to snuggle up with a large pumpkin spice tea and a good book . Today I have a book for your middles schooler its book 3 in the Tales of Christian Tompta . GNOMELING JOURNEYS TO JODDEBURG by Dawn M Paul

                            BOOK BLURB 

Christian has done it again. This is one gnomeling who keeps messing up-even when he's trying to do well! Can a gnomeling ever get a break?

In book 3 of "The Tales of Christian Tompta," Papa joins Christian as he journeys to Joddeburg, the gnome village. While traveling, they meet up with old friends, greet new gnomes, see how different their lives could be, and explore the renowned Gnomympic Games! Who will compete? Will the Gnome Council find out about his latest caper? What disasters will Christian face this time? Will he finally earn his mystical shoes and conical to become a human guardian, or will he give up all he has worked toward, and go home?

                          MY REVIEW
  What is a Gnomiling to do , poor Christian has gone and done it again . While traveling to Joddeburg with his father they meet of with some new gnomes and some old friends . As we know nothing ever seems to go right when Christian is involved . 

 In this book we meet some new characters that are colourful and well written . They are very interesting  creatures. We also get to see how Christian is with his dad . His papa is a sweet kind gnome that wants to see Christian succeed . I truly loved these characters and the way they interact with each other . 

  This is a sweet story and it teaches us a lesson that if you screw up you can come back from it . Christian is a sweet bumbling gnomeling and he seems to always be screwing up . But it also says that you can come back from screwing up and do something extraordinary. The story is a great read for those between the ages of 5 - 10 they will love the characters and the illustrations that go along with the story . The story is easy to read and you will love it also .  You will really want to know if poor Christian gets his cone hat and his shoes . You will cheer him on and laugh with him and cry with him . I would add this to any middle graders reading challenge . 


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