Friday, August 16, 2019


 Well must say its been a busy week and I am so very happy it is Friday . Today I have a sci fi book for you . PORTALS by Savannah Verte .

                            BOOK BLURB 

The fate of the Aradian world depends on a single lesson.
Can they survive long enough to learn it?

A banishment portal meant for one becomes a catalyst to destiny for seven brothers who pass through. Their journey takes them between worlds, time, and back again, revealing truths they were never supposed to uncover: everything they’ve believed for a millennia is false, they are pawns on someone else’s game board, and, they are all expendable. Between the world they know, and the ones they don’t are more portals, each with truths waiting to be revealed.

Can they turn the tables, reclaim their lives, reunite with their mates, and end the game? Or, will their world be lost forever before they can return?

Truth takes time…theirs is running out.

                          MY REVIEW 
  First thing I am going to say that this is a long book , The fate of Aradian is in the hands of seven brothers that are banished through a portal . They are revealing truths as they travel between worlds and time . Can they figure out who's game board they are pawns on and will they ever get back to their mates or will their world be lost forever . 

   The characters in this book are well written and complex. As each brother figures out what is going on another brother is on the way to solve another problem . There is a mixture of mythology and lore in this story that will keep you liking the brothers . They are all strong alpha men and trust me you will love them and want to have them all to yourself . 

   The story is a fun read but be prepared to snuggle down and be in for a long haul . It is a long book but the story is rich and the characters are well written . You will love the different worlds that each brother goes through and you will want to help them solve the mystery of why the truths they thought they knew were false .  There are many twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages . I think the only draw back from me giving it 5 stars . Is the length I felt that it was just a tad too long and just a couple of areas kind of dragged a bit . Over all I really did enjoy this book and love reading other books from this author . So this book would be a great read for a long winters night . 

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