Tuesday, August 13, 2019


  Happy Release day to one of my favourite authors of dark twisted romance stories . BOUND  book 3 in the Tangled Web series by Aleatha Romig.

                             BOOK BLURB 

From New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a brand-new dark romance trilogy bringing us back to the same dangerous underworld as WEB OF SIN. You do not need to read the Web of Sin trilogy to get caught in this new and intriguing saga, Tangled Web.

With danger lurking around every corner and my life turned upside down, I struggle with who to believe and who to trust.

Can my heart convince my mind that what was bound long ago is where I’ll find love, safety, and security?

Or are the memories simply an illusion?

BOUND is book three, the final book of the TANGLED WEB trilogy that began with TWISTED and OBSESSED and is concluding with BOUND.

Have you been Aleatha’d?

                     MY REVIEW 
  Ok taking a deep breath here, book three starts right where book two left off . Kader/ Mason  and Laurel are still trying to find out who wants her dead and wants her info on her drug trials. With the revealation of who Kader is has Laurel spinning could it be the boy she loved so long ago be the man standing in front of her . The man that could kill her just as easily as loving her .  They are bound to be together and the love that they had will come back and keep them safe . Or will the people that wants her dead finally get their way . 

   This story has such great characters , they are well written and complex . Kader/ Mason is such a complicated man . He has been through so much and has so much taken from him . You want to hug him and hold him tight . You will either want to hug him or hit him upside the head with a frying pan. He will drive you crazy some times . But oh when he finally lets go and lets down his defenses he becomes more lovable . I loved it when he let down defenses and you get to see the reall man behind the tattoos and cold facade he has  
  Laurel well she is still a tough cookie that is an over thinker . She wants to go home but she wants to find more of Kader and help him . She is loyal to her family and her friends and is loyal to the man that holds her heart . She does really become stronger through out this book . She even fights for her life and the man who loves her .  They are good characters on their own but together they are dynamite waiting to ignite 

   I need to catch my breathe after finishing this story , I needed to decompress and come to a realization that its over . I didn't want this series to end . The characters are well written and complex and the twists and turns the author takes us on is an unbelievable rollercoaster ride of emotions . There were moments that i was on the edge of my seat biting my finger nails hoping every one will be ok .  There were other moments I was fanning myself and my kindle was on fire from the romance heating up the screen. The series is dark and the intrigue will have you thinking about who is after them .  There is also a great tie in to another series her Tangled web series that will have you going WTH  and it will have you cheering . I seriously read this book in an evening I just couldn't put it down . I got sucked in and was on the edge of my seat almost the whole time I was reading . This author can do dark and twisted right . So if you want a great series for your fall reading list check them out . You will love it . Come to the dark side where the men are hot and the women who love them are strong.

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