Sunday, August 25, 2019


 Welcome to a humid Sunday on the ranch. The best day to stay inside and read which is what I am doing . Today I have the first book in Kinney Sott's  Ashwood series . INHERITING TROUBLE .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Natalie must redefine her future, but the carpenter she hires tangles her in knots.
Natalie Journey knows better. She’s always chosen the right thing, the sensible path. When had sensible started to feel so boring?
Buried in debt, she takes a barista job at her grandfather’s retirement community. A safe position, that pays well. Unfortunately, now her idea of rebellion is sneaking an extra squirt of whipped cream on her iced coffee.
She always dreamed of something different, exciting - to travel in a tiny home and photograph landscapes.
Tragic changes grant her wish, and suddenly designing her tiny home is within reach.
But the rugged craftsman Natalie hires has hidden talents she never expected. And with the way his leather tool belt hangs on his hips, she’s ready to give the sexy man control.
Seth takes one glance at the alluring redhead and almost walks the other way. Yet, her tempting curves have Seth wondering if a summer fling might be worth the risk.
Natalie’s not long term. When the final coat of paint dries on her tiny home, she’ll be gone.
Worlds collide in a sexy small town romance where Seth a Natalie must choose. Do they stick to careful plans or build an unpredictable future together?

                          MY REVIEW 
   Lets head to Ashwood a small town where everyone knows everyone . Meet Seth the sexy craftsman that builds tiny homes for a living . When Natalie shows up wanting a tiny home built . Sparks fly and they both think a summer fling would be fun but can they stop there or are they willing to go the whole nine yards . 

   There are so many characters in this book we have the two main characters Natalie and Seth . They are well written . Then there are co workers Kent for one and cousins and friends . Also there are family members. They all have a place in the book and you will love or hate each and everyone of them 
Oh yeah there is also Wade's ex wife who still likes to bump uglies with Wade on occasion. I love each and everyone of the characters . Wade is sexy and also really pocessive when it comes to Natalie . He wants her but is so scared to take the plunge cause he knows she is going to be leaving him . Natalie is sweet and feisty but she has always done the right thing . Now its her time to shine and do what she wants to do and spread her wings and fly . I like them and they are great when they get together . 

   I accidently read these books out of sequence but that didn't stop me from liking them. I really like small town stories . The author packs so much into this first book . We meet so many characters and the author sets up the characters for the rest of the series . Each character is well written and you will love them or hate them . The author has small town pegged , about everyone knowing everyones business before you do most of the time . The romance is hot hot hot , trust me you imagination will take over as you read . This is a sweet series that has small town values and some of the hotttest people out there . The first book in the series is free . So check it out  and add it to your fall reading list 

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