Wednesday, August 28, 2019


  Good morning everyone , I hope everyone is winding down their summer reading challenges . I have a book for your middle grade kids to finish off their reading challenge. GNOMELING (Tales of Christian Tompta ) by Dawn M Paul

                            BOOK BLURB 

Gnomeling is a family-friendly middle grade fantasy novel about a young gnome who must take on a mission, so that if he succeeds, he may become a guardian over the young human, Zach. Light hearted and fun, this book puts Christian against nature's elements to overcome his emotions to succeed.
From the Back Cover: "Living a quiet and protected life amongst the books with his family, Christian Tompta begins to feel a stirring for adventure like those he’s read about. As his thirteenth birthday draws near, gnome culture dictates that he must complete a quest to earn his mystical shoes and conical hat - if he wants to become a human guardian, the most elite of gnome jobs. Protecting a human has been Christian’s dream for as long as he can remember, but now as the date looms closer, anxiety and fear begin to take hold of him. Christian knows that the assignment will be dangerous, and he will be alone. What will his charge be? Will he be able to complete his mission? Or will he freeze from fear, panic and fail?

Join Christian on his adventure to find the answers to these questions and more."

                        MY REVIEW 
    Christian Tompta is a young gnome who is living a quiet life amongst the books with his family . As his thirteenth birthday approaches he feels a stirring for adventure . As the culture dictates on his thirteenth birthday he must go on a quest to earn his hat and magical slippers and get the name of the human he will be protecting .As the time comes near he is full of anxiety and fear . Will he be able to handle the quest or will his fear get the better of him . 

    This is a sweet story and the characters are well written . Christian is a sweet gnome who just wants to help his human and be amongst his books .  He is sweet and kind but also has insecurties about what he has to do . We watch him come to terms with the anxiety that he has and he becomes brave with the help of a bunny that saves him time after time. 

   This is a sweet coming of age book and it was a joy to read it as an adult . The characters are well written  and the story is sweet and also has a lesson to learn about coming through your fears and conquering them . The author built a world that is fantasy and sweet that your kids will be caught up in . The story can be enjoyed by you and your kids .  Get this book for your kids for the cool fall nights . 

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