Friday, July 30, 2021


  Good Friday morning all , hope your week was great and you found some great books . Today I have for you book 5 in the Sentinels of Savannah series PIRATE'S PROMISE  by Lisa Kessler 

                             BOOK BLURB

 Greyson Till never found a weapon he didn’t like. As the immortal Master Gunner of a pirate ship, he’s grown his collection for over two hundred years. So when a legendary cursed blade that can cut through any material goes missing from the government’s paranormal artifact vault, he’s eager to retrieve it. Working with the secret division Department 13 has always come with its set of challenges, but this one is the worst yet.

Along with the mission comes fiery, no-nonsense paranormal weapons expert Aura Henderson, who couldn't be less thrilled about this pairing. The last time they saw each other, Greyson accidentally blew her cover, almost killing them both. Worst of all, to get the sword, she has to pose as Greyson's wife. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a sexy grumbly pirate, whether in reality or just pretend.

When they locate the relic, the gilded blade thirsts for blood and things aren’t what they seem. Greyson isn’t sure who to trust anymore, and he’s not about to let death come between them...

                   MY REVIEW 
 Greyson Till is the master gunner of pirate ship a fabled pirate ship . He has as impressive collection of weapons. So when a sword a legendary sword goes missing he is intrigued . He has to work with Aura Henderson who really doesn't want to be working with the immortal pirate. So posing as a married couple they are off to Scotland to track down the sword . Will they be able to find the sword and come out of the adventure with their hearts and lives intact. 

 Ok Greyson and Aura have to be my favourite couple in this series . Greyson well he is a mans man, he loves anything that involves weapons. He is pirate through and through , sexy and an alpha in a way that will make you want to fan yourself . Deep down in his heart though he is missing something in his life . He has demons he is fighting and deep down all he wants is love and to be loved . Aura is a tough as nails ex police officer who is working for department 13 and she is one sassy lady but deep down she is hurting from a past that is still haunting her today. They are such good characters and you will love them . They are well written and complex . 
  This is book has it all , brooding pirates , sassy detective, and yes demons . The characters are very well written and complex and you will absolutely fall in love with . The author writes such fun characters that get into some trouble and will break your heart and then repair it . This is a book that you can read in an evening by the campfire or by the pool . It is a fun sexy read that will have you turning pages . I think you have to read the series in order to have the full effect of what goes on but it is a fun series to read and you will love all the characters . So check it out . 

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