Tuesday, January 4, 2022


 HAPPY NEW YEAR  everyone hope you all had a great Christmas season . We had a quiet one and we ate tooo much and read a lot of cool new books . Happy Release day to Lynn Burke and the second book in her Sinful Natures series . UNHOLY YEARNING . 

                              BOOK BLURB 

  As a Christian counselor, I strive for integrity in helping guide others in God’s will for their lives.

Until a young man walks into my office for premarital counseling—the stranger who ensnared my soul eight months earlier with his bewitching green eyes.

Levi Townson.

The one whose addictive, luscious mouth I can’t cleanse from my memory.

My hunger for another taste of him should assure me of my need for a savior, not shepherd me down the rabbit hole toward depravity.

Levi’s yearnings mirror mine, the kind that dominates my will. Incinerates and leaves me powerless against my sinful nature.

But if we fall from grace, neither of us will escape unscathed.

                       MY REVIEW 
 Zeke is a Christian marriage counselor that is good at his job and kept on the straight and narrow , until the day a young couple walked into his office .  Levi the man he kissed at a concert and now he is sitting in his office . They have duties that keep them from acting on their desires . Until they can't take it anymore will they be able to keep their love from imploding or will they be able to come out unscathed and be able to love each other . 

 Omg i am in love with this book, the characters will rip out your heart . Zeke is a man of conviction and wants to do what is right . He really struggles and you want to hug him and tell him to be true to himself . Levi is a sweet young man who has been through a lot in his life . He has come from a family that well just didn't care too much . He has a lot of trouble trusting people that are in his life and battles bouts of anxiety and depression. He is a sweet man when he is with Lily. They are great friends and are there for each other .  These are some great characters that you will love and want to take care of . They are complex and so well written . You will love them and want to take care of them

 I got this book and devoured it in one sitting . The author really know how to tear at the heartstrings . This book is more angsty and we see the struggles more between the characters . We really go a roller coaster ride of emotions through out this book . I was on the edge of my seat most of the way through the book . I had tears in my eyes all the way through out the book . This is a a series is one that will have your heart breaking and repairing itself by the end of the books . So if you want a great series this is the series for you . 

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