Wednesday, January 26, 2022


 Good morning peeps , its warming up here on the farm but still great book reading weather . Today I have a new author , Greg Chase and his book THE ROAD FROM OBLIVION.

                            BOOK BLURB

  As the third-generation captain of the Beast—a century-old earth rover—Swash Jones has endured more than his share of loss. But that’s the way it is for most people in post-apocalyptic North America. To keep his current crew alive, Swash will need to overcome the PTSD that haunts him.

Each member of the crew comes with particular challenges. Swash must be on constant watch for the trader who’s after him for freeing his navigation expert—Whisper—from slavery. He also needs to guard the personal secret of Roach, his pilot, maintain a degree of separation from Stitch, the attractive medic who saved his life, and hang onto Blade, their hired-gun weapons master with a shady past.

Only by keeping his crew together can he maintain the Beast and hope to survive the wastelands, storms, and marauders of daily existence. When Whisper receives a message from her mother over a deactivated satellite, the crew members must combine their skills and test the limits of the Beast to meet the next challenge. Swash’s team will soon prepare for a new mission—one that has the potential to save what’s left of humanity.

                    MY REVIEW 

 Swash Jones is the third generation captain of a earth rover . He has gone through so much in his life during the post apocalyptic world in North America . He is trying to keep his current crew alive and safe while fighting the PTSD  that haunts him day and night . His crew are fighting their own nightmares . Whisper , his navigation expert was saved from slavery . His pilot has a personal secret that must be guarded at all times . Stitch the medic is stirring up some feelings that Swash needs to watch out for . Then he needs to hang onto Blade the hired gun to keep everyone safe, he has a shady past . Keeping them all together and the Beast moving is the only hope to keep them together through wastelands , storms and bands of marauders . Will they be able to stay alive and prepare for the new mission that could save what's left of humanity. 

 Ok wow I truly liked these characters , they are so well constructed and complex . You really get into the minds of each character and see how they are functioning with the problems that are plaguing them . Swash is fighting PTSD and you really see him struggle with it through out the book . All the other characters also are fighting the past. I really liked Whisper she is stronger then most people give her credit for . She really wants to help out and take them to the mountains to help out her mother . She is my favorite character , and loved them all actually . 

  This is the first book I have read from this author . I really like apocalyptic tales and this one didn't disappoint me . The author really takes us on roller coaster ride . There are twists and turns that will have you  on the edge of your seat . I enjoyed this book but I found that I felt the beginning of this book was a little slow and it took me just a bit to get into it . But by chapter 6 I was hooked and couldn't put it down . It started to move faster and there was a lot more action . Over all I enjoyed this look on the apocalyptic story . I can't wait to see where the author takes us in the second book . This author is my new go to author for anything apocalyptic . So if you are into that type of book check it out . I promise it will be a good book to read while you are fighting the winter blues . 


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