Monday, January 10, 2022


  Good morning peeps I am finally coming out if the deep freeze here on the farm . Today I have a fun book from a new author to me . Lets check out Pru Warren and her book CYN & THE PEANUT BUTTER CUP . 

                          BOOK BLURB 

   Love, laughter, and short-term memory loss. When a sweet old lady’s mysterious past draws her young caregiver into a wild ride, they drag a hot FBI agent along with them. Cyn didn’t know caring for Maddy would require car chases, and Rhys never thought an old lady could steal his gun.Cynthia loves being Maddy’s caregiver. Watching over a slightly senile senior is a piece of cake after Cyn’s brutal divorce. It’s not wrong to hide away from life for a few weeks, er, months. Right?!Rhys (“like the peanut butter cup but not spelled the same”) is pretty sure he’s going to get fired from his job at the FBI. When Maddy steals his gun at the grocery store and shoots at a random stranger, Rhys figures that’s it for his career. Everything’s gone wrong……except for meeting Cyn. How will Rhys and Cyn find love while keeping Maddy safe from the (possibly imaginary) hordes who are (maybe) out to get her?A laugh-out-loud, sexy romantic comedy that includes a heroine with self-confidence problems, an absolutely delicious screw-up of a hero, and the strong-willed, slightly addled old lady who leads them both astray.

                       MY REVIEW

    Cynthia is trying to get her life back together after the divorce from her idiot of a husband . So she takes the job as a care giver of a dementia patient Maddy . Who is the sweetest old lady ever . But when Maddy steals the gun of a sexy FBI agent Rhys and tries to shoot a random stranger at the grocery store. They are instantly attracted to each other but there is a mystery that needs to be solved . Will they be able to find the love that they both want and need or will Maddy lead them into more trouble then they both need . 

  These characters what can I say about them. Cyn well she is hiding mostly , her confidence took a nose dive after a divorce from a man who well was not really nice . She is always putting herself down and man has no confidence at all . She does love her job but she is so lonely and you can tell at the beginning .As she get entangled with Rhys she actually blossoms and you really see her confidence grow and be happy  Rhys well he is a sexy FBI agent well he has his moments . He is fun loving and he really does get himself into trouble a lot . The break out star of the book though is Maddy . she is 93 years old and yes she has dementia but man she is so funny . She is the best escape artist out there and just keeps everyone on their toes . She really does grow on you and is smarter then they give her credit for and keeps everyone on their toes . You will love her when you read her. 

 This is one of those books that when you start you are instantly laughing your butt off . I mean come on when a book starts out with a shopping cart , stolen gun and shooting a random stranger in a grocery store, you will be on your way to a fun filled roller coaster ride . The characters are well written and you will love them . The author really takes her characters and puts them in some really funny situations through out the book. I was hooked by the end of chapter two and was laughing out loud all the way through the book . I can't wait to see where the author takes all the characters . I can't believe that it is the first book by this author . So if you want a good fun read check out this book . 

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