Tuesday, January 25, 2022


  Good morning peeps , well we are back in the deep freeze so its another great day to curl up and read . Today I have book 13 in the Haven Hollows series  BROKEN MIRRON  by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. 

                             BOOK BLURB 

 When Poppy accidentally breaks her bedroom mirror, she has no idea the bad luck she’s in for!

With just about everything going wrong, Poppy’s first order of business is to reverse the curse of the broken mirror ASAP! Unfortunately for her, though, that’s not quite how the cosmos work.

Saddled with a serious case of misfortune, imagine Poppy’s surprise when one of her clients walks into her store with yet another mirror! This one isn’t cursed, though.

It’s haunted.

The ghost of the woman stuck inside the mirror appears to be from pioneer times, and as she yells in silent horror and pounds against the glass, it’s pretty clear she wants out.

But just how does one free a ghost from a mirror?

Poppy’s about to find out… the hard way.

                      MY REVIEW 

 Poor Poppy is not having a good day after she broke her bedroom mirror , her day went down hill. The seven years of bad luck is true and poor Poppy needs to find a way to get rid of the bad luck .  So right in the middle of her bad day enters a woman with the exact mirror that is haunted .  Now it is time to find out about this woman in the mirror and the terror that she is going through. Now it is time to free this poor woman but how do they go about it and also get rid of the seven years of bad luck  the hard way . 

 Poppy and the gang are back and funnier then ever . Poppy is still so sweet but having such a bad day . It is actually kind of funny on how bad the day is . The rest of the gang is there and funnier then ever . Marty is still so sweet and wants to help Poppy out so much you can see the love he has in his eyes for her. I absolutely love these characters and they get better and better with each book . 

  This is a fun read that I soaked up in an evening . The characters are such fun and the authors really take them in fun situations . There is so much going on in the book that will keep you in stitches all the way through it . This is a shorter book that you can read in a couple of hours and you will enjoy every second of the book . The authors have a great writing style and really know how to build up the twists and turns and then make you laugh at why and how the characters got into that predicament . So if you want a fun read check out this series it is a fun read

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