Monday, January 24, 2022


  Good morning peeps , hope your Monday is going well and you are staying warm . I am back in the deep freeze here on the ranch . Good time for some good fun reading . I have just the book for that . THE OH MY GAWD COUPLE , book 16 in the Hot Damned series by Robyn Peterman 

                             BOOK BLURB 

  Welcome to my Hell… and not the good one where I’m in charge.

Word on the street is that my brother’s son was potty trained at eight months old. Unacceptable. I shall not be bested by God. I have pilfered plastic potties, Cheerios and bagels. I am prepared to teach my boy to put the pee in the hole. All I need now is a potty song.

Or so I thought.

Apparently, sending Lizard to clog all the commodes in Heaven has put me in hot water with Mother Nature. The certifiable woman has threatened a pole dancing punishment if I don’t play nice with my brother. So I shall do what any sane leader of Hell would do—die my hair, shave my eyebrows and go into hiding for a century.

Desperate Devils do stupid things. But no one hides from Mother Nature for long, not even God and the Devil. Now we’re in a cornfield in Nowhere, Indiana. No magic. No cell phones. No IDs and three days to make nice and figure out how in the Hell to get to Kentucky.

Good luck to us…

Sometimes you need a little Heaven to raise a lot of Hell.

                      MY REVIEW 

 When Satan and his brother God have a knock down drag out fight . Their mother , who is as crazy as old bat, steps in and sends them to the middle of a corn field in Indiana .They have to become frenemies and learn to get along or they will be pole dancing with good ole momma for a century . They have three days to get it right and get to Kentucky . But when they find two homeless children and a beautiful diner owner who is more then she says she is . Will they be able to save the kids when Trolls come into town and all hell breaks loose in the small town . Oh and God finds love with the diner owner and may have a happily ever after with her . 

 OMG  ok I love Lucifer and God in the other books  but this is one amazing read . The characters are such a fun read . Lucifer is well he is as naughty as ever , he is his own pilfering foul mouthed self . Trying to out do his brother when it come to their sons . But when push comes to shove he is there for his brother and grows up a bit . God well his is kind of a nerd ,he has been by himself way too long . He also I think has a bit of ocd , color coordinating the pantry and his files and wanting to be clean all the time . You really want to hug him and take care of him . When he meets Tammy he is the funniest bumbling idiot out there and its so cute to watch . I seriously think that these two actually grow through out this book and become friends as well as brothers .  Tammy is a new character and she is sweet and doesn't take any guff from either God or Satan . There is more to her then most people know and the whole town is the same as her . I must say that these characters were so much fun to read . 

 I sat down and read this book in an evening and man I have never laughed so hard . The characters are so much fun and you will love them . You get sucked into the story by the end of chapter one and the next thing you know you are done.  The funniest way to read about sibling rivalry. I seriously going to say that this book is may favorite book from this author . So if you want a laugh out loud book to read check it out..  

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