Friday, February 21, 2014


Good day all, hope today finds you all well. I have been reading like a book worm on fire lately. There have been so many good books that have come out this past week . The one book that came out, I just had to read in one sitting is BLOODBATH by Rachel Rawlings. This book has it all, witches , werewolves vampires fairies and a hunter .

A serial killer in Salem? Not for decades, but the bodies are piling up and all signs point in one direction. Rogue vampire. Except things aren't always what they seem, especially in a murder investigation.

With her current relationship on the rocks, her father playing match-maker and her neighbor tossing his hat in the ring, the body count isn't the only thing on the rise. Maurin is neck deep in magic, mayhem and murder.

Can she catch the killer before the killer catches her? One things for certain, when hunting vampires there will be blood.
  BLOODBATH is the fourth installment of the Maurin Kincade series. I was so excited when this book came out. I have been waiting to find out what has happened to Maurin, Aiden and Cash since the wedding in book three. NO not Maurin's wedding by the way .  the story picks up right where things were left off.  Maurin trying to figure out what her relationship with vampire Aiden is or isn't . Cash her sexy downstairs neighbor has been flirting up a storm with her, by the way Cash is the new alpha werewolf . Now there is a seriel killer in town. Killing young brunettes , draining them of all their blood.  Maurin is called up by the council to find out what is happening .  Enter Caligula a Roman vampire , well you all know the story of Caligula , and his child Bathory. they both are crazy and I mean crazy. Caligula has taken a fancy to Maurin. will she make it out alive . Will they be able to take down the vampires before anyone else dies .
  I found Rachel's books through a friend and was glad I picked them up . cause once I started reading I couldn't stop. The stories are a great read for just about anyone .
    Rachel weaves a great paranormal story . Her characters are tough, Maurin is a tough heroine that takes no one prisoner. When Aiden ticked her off , she beat the crap out of the vampire. She is still finding herself , which makes her likable. She does have her faults but she knows that she is special and will do everything to prove that she is capable. The men in her life are all alphas in their own right. Rachel does a great job portraying the jealousy between the men in her life. I like that the only constant companion in her life is Conry her trusty guaridian dog, that looks like a cross between a great dane and a bear. I mean nothing comes between a girl and her dog. 
  If you want a good set of books to read check out her series,
book two WITCH HUNT
book three WOLFSBANE
book four  BLOOD BATH
  The first three books are in a boxed set right now  and BloodBath is out right now
  So check them out I promise you will not be disappointed one bit

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