Monday, February 10, 2014

well it it five days till valentine's day ,,so i am going to give you some good books

Ok we have five days till valentine's day. If you are a man you are running around trying to find the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend, Well gentlemen I am here for you . If you want to be different from all the others out there , and your wife or girlfriend loves to read . I really suggest you get her the following
  Gift cards for either book stores or on line book stores , trust me on this with the books coming out in the next week , you will really want to get those gift cards. . 
You can also buy her a new book light for those late night reading that she will be doing.
 A nice fuzzy blanket that she can cuddle with while reading that steamy romance novel.
A new e reader is a must if you want to give that reader in your life the ultimate gift. A girl can never have enough e readers
  There is also the comfy pajama bottoms and shirt , so she can read in comfort.
 There is also her favorite chocolates and wine if you really want to go that way , but if you do that remember she wont share with you. She will save every bit of if for when she is reading her favorite steaming novel
Now if you were really smart you would get everything I have mentioned. Put it all in a great container throw in a few roses and give that to her, She will be melting in your strong arms with that gift
 If you were a great husband you would actually take the lead and actually load her favorite books onto the e reader for her, That is before you give it to her,
Trust me on this a loader e reader is like an aphrodisiac to most of book loving girls. If someone handed me a e reader full of my favorite books. I would swoon and I mean really swoon. Cause that shows me how much he hated tripping over the paperbacks that are all over the house. He took the time to write them all down and had them loaded .  Ok maybe that's just me and my hubby. laughing
  There are some awesome books coming out on the 14th
Micah by Azure Boone comes out feb13
BLOOD BATH  by Rachel Rawlings comes out Feb 14
INTERVIEW WITH A MASTER  by Jason Luke is now out
to name a few
  So I hope I helped you gentleman out and good luck to you all

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