Friday, February 28, 2014


This book had me from page one . Great first book from this author I cant wait for more

MATEGUAS ISLAND is the story of a family, forced by circumstance to move to a remote island off the coast of Maine. While the setting is idyllic, the new arrivals are soon caught up in a web of lies and deceit that twists their lives and threatens to destroy them.
Ancient legends come to life bringing evil and dark magic that eventually must be harnessed and overcome if the family is to survive


I received this book as an ARC for review on L.S.K Sweetheart Reviews and BOOKS TO CURL UP WITH BLOG.
  This is the story of the Anderson family. Do to the downward spiral of loosing his job . Bill moves his family across the country to an island . Where he has inherited a house from his aunt. Thinking of this a new start they move to the island, Not knowing what they were getting into . As they arrive on the island old feeling of mistrust and abandonment start creeping up on them
Karen and Bill are keeping secrets from each other . Terri and Sophia are in the middle. The girls find a old box full of secrets . As the secrets continue to mount and the legends come true. Will they make it off the island but better yet will they make off the island alive.

   This story had me from the second page of the book. The characters are well written, Miss Watkins weaves a terrifying tale of native American lore . Keeping me in suspense the whole time. This book had me staying up late into the night. Reading with the blanket over my head . There were some parts of the book that you wanted scream at the book. Watch out get out of there , Run away now. I had goose bumps in some spots . If this is a first book for Linda, I can see great things in her future. She did a great job in every aspect of this novel. There aren't a lot of authors that can keep me engaged in a book. Linda did that for me . The characters were all consuming even the secondary characters . So if you want a great book that will keep you reading all night long , Check out this book , I don't think you will be disappointed . I know I wasn't

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