Thursday, February 27, 2014

welcome to a frigid thursday all

Well its another frigid day here on the ranch. Been up since four fighting frozen pipes and water troughs. Yes I know life on the farm is just so exciting , isn't it. Well it it is most days but then there are the days. Where you just curl up on the couch under your warm blankets with a good cup of tea , a good piece of chocolate and read. And read I did. The last 4 days I have read until I had to unglue my eyeballs lol. I have found myself engulfed in a new series by a new author.  THE BOOK WAITRESS SERIES  by Deena Remeil , has sucked me in big time . I honestly think I read the first three books in a day and a half. Why did I do that you are probably asking yourself right now.
 Well I was hooked from the second page. These books were so not what I was thinking they were. They so surpassed what I was expecting.
  The first book THE BOOK WAITRESS.
  Introduces us to Camille a shy librarian who is sent to work on an island library. Not knowing that she is part of a bigger plan. There are two ghosts that help and plague her at work . A cute young journalist , Derek. researching a cult that was on the island. Lets just say there are demons, devil worship , marked ones and love in the first book
   This book picks up right after the rescue attempt and what happens to poor Camille and how she adjusts the hell on earth she is going through. As satan tries to get her to come to him .
   This by far is the best of the books so far. We have a new character Jaxsynn who came for hell to help Camille out. He is a freeze demon and the only one that could help Camille when her marks start flairing up. There is jealousy running amock in this book . Derek does something so stupid you just want to slap him for being a stupid jealous boyfriend. They prepare for the hell that will be coming . As they start training to be the ultimate  demon fighting squad. With Camille and Jax doing the killing and Derek and the rest going on the quest to find the thirteen relics to close the portal to hell.
the fourth book  A HUNTING WE WILL GO
  Has Camille and Jax becoming closer then ever. Satan trying to get Camille through any water source you can think of. Just waiting till he tries to get her through a water puddle lol. Derek Arnie and Mal are on the hunt for the relics. Camille has become a real demon hunting god. Along with Jax . Now only if they all will survive the hell that's going on.
    These books are a great fast read , Camille is a combination of Buffy the vampire slayer and Cher from clueless. She starts out all prim and proper and a little na├»ve and then is transformed into one bad ass demon killing machine . With a few bumps and bruises along the way
  If you want a great read and are tired of the oversexed books out there. Please check out this series . I know you wont be disappointed

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