Saturday, February 1, 2014

ok its still freezing outside curled up with some good ole erotica


   So its February first and still cold outside. So whats a girl to do but curl up on the couch with a snack and a good erotic book on her e reader. Start reading and go hmmmmm this seems so familar in so many ways. It seems that the book i will not mention , but is being made into a movie , has really uped the exsistance of erotica. and BDSM book. But before you jump down my throat . I know Erotica has been around for ages. But it seems that there is a point by point way to write erotica lately.  I am going just list a few
   The expensive panties being ripped off your body , in the books the man just hooks his fingers into the sides and rips them off. They are usually really epensive lace panties . Ok now in real life if I had on the LE PERLE lace panties , they would be slide of my legs, folded and placed on the pile of clothes. NO WAY is a man going to rip off a 300 dollar pair of panties. Not  on my watch will he
   Also in the books now it seems like the woman is a virgin. My goodness that's a lot of virgins out there in book land . Its hard to even think of anyone as a virgin anymore in real life. The big dom man takes the young virgin to the bed and makes love to her for the first time. Then what happens do the whips and chains appear and she automatically bows down . That is just happening way too much in a lot of the books out there. From tying up for the first time and getting the knots too tight, to the woman finally taking control in the very end. They just seem so generic in some cases . like we have read them in some form or another . WE NEED TO TAKE OUR EROTICA BACK
     There are some authors that I am absolutely excited to read , like Selena Kitt, her Baumgartner series will burn up your kindle. They are hot.Also there is the Cherise Sinclair , Shadow lands series. These book are great for people who want to read about BDSM  There is a different dom and sub in each book. Then there is a brand new book from Jason Luke, called Interview with a master. This book about BDSM is from the male point of view as he is the master . He tells his story through interviews. If you want a fun cowboy read there are the McCoy brothers from Sable Hunters HELL YEAH series. Boy, those McCoy boys are some hot hot oh did I say hot cowboys.

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  1. I love Selena Kitt The Baumgartners was 1 of my first erotica reads. Very hot !