Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Well it finally hit me the ooey gooey love bug, Being so close to Valentine's day , I decided to read some ooey gooey love stories. Why you may ask , well everyone needs a dose of cute boys and the girls who want them. Now they are the bodice rippers that are usually go along with a love story. This one is about love needs a little help along the way from the main man himself CUPID. Yes that diaper wearing bow shooting little cherub.
    Serendipity Falls by Patrice Wilton is that book


Serendipity Falls is the first book in a sexy new romantic comedy series by Patrice Wilton. Romance blooms in the small town of Serendipity Falls in the foothills of Mammoth, California. There’s a wedding a month and divorces are non existent. Out-of-towners are flocking in on weekends to visit, and perhaps find love, speculating on whether it’s the natural spring water or something in the air. Whatever it is, they hope to find it.
Tara Reynolds is a new pastry chef for the mountain resort, and love is the last thing on her mind when she arrives for the winter, but the handsome Olympian skier who owns a local bar has become quite irresistible. Can the mysterious forces in this town unite this couple who are fighting it every step of the way?
  This is a very cute book/ Did you know that cupid lives in Serendipity Falls . He is a meddlesome little guy who loves to match make. Enter Tara and Devon. two unlikely people who meet in the restaurant in Serendipity and cupid does his magic. But my goodness does he have his work cut out for these two cause they are fighting him left right and center, They blame it on the water and that they aren't right for each other. Will they make it or not
   This is a good read for a winters night with a good glass of wine and some chocolate, The author has three points of view going on , Tara's Devon's and of course that little cherub . He makes commentaries as he pushes them together, Usually while he is eating .  They are drawn together and can't get rid of each other but at they try and have sex things go wrong way wrong. There are eruptions at a mere touch and orgasms happening by looking at each other. Patrice has them working on trying to become what the other person wants. LIke any good reader would do , you cheer for them and you want to punch out anyone that comes between them. The only thing I felt was off what they came together and then the beautiful woman comes in and tries to break them up. Which is good for a love story we need this . To break up the gooshiness that is happening..  Then the realization that she loves him after a tragedy . I guess what I am saying is got to love the man who will ge all gooey and gushes after you every now and then . In real life or in a book , we al want to be wanted
If you want a good winter nights read check it out. Giggle at cupid and keep love alive
4 out 5 stars for me

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