Saturday, February 15, 2014

well i hope that everyone had a great valentines day

Well it is the day after Valentine's day. Had my fill of chocolate and cinnamon hearts. Hubby and I had a great night of snuggling and me surfing amazon trying out how to spend my gift cards in a way that will give me the most books. Trust me if you look in the right places you can get boxed sets and that for cheap like .99 cents cheap.  I was one pretty happy girl by the time I was done. Even preordered a couple of books that I am waiting on.
 I also got finished a good book by a Canadian author, I just found out about here and she is actually . as us Canadians say. my neighbor. Even though she lives one province over lol. So I would like to introduce you all to CHAMPAGNE AND LEMON DROPS by Jean Oram


One woman. Two men. One meddling small town.

Raised by her older sister in the small town of Blueberry Springs, all Beth Wilkinson wants is to create a family so big she’ll never be alone. Things are going great until her accountant fiancé, Oz, experiences a family trauma, forcing him to rethink everything from his own career to their nuptial plans—leaving Beth alone.

As Beth works to rediscover her former bold and independent self in hopes of reattracting Oz, she catches the eye of the charming new city doctor, Nash. Not only does he see her as she’d like to be seen, but he knows exactly what he wants from life—and that includes Beth.

Torn between the two men, as well as two versions of herself, Beth discovers that love and dreams are much more complicated than they seem.


Meet the citizens of Blueberry springs. A small town where nothing is kept secret for long. Beth a small town recreational therapist , Oz her small town fiancé , who needs a break to figure things out . Then there is Nash the hot big city doctor who is there for Beth in her hours of need when trying to figure out what Oz wants out of life. As they work their way through the ups and downs of small town life and the gossip that eventually gets spread around. Will they survive it and will Beth actually get married , You will have to read this book
    I found this book and author at a book release party. I saw the cover and thought why not give it a try . It was free on amazon so what was I going to loose if I happen to not like it. Well I was wrong I loved it . The characters were funny and sweet. I mean how many women have had their boyfriends of significant others say , HEY I NEED A BREAK  to get my head screwed on straight. Then us girls are like well what did I do wrong or can I help him with his journey of self discovery. Those are the feelings that Beth is having in spades. She doesn't know what to do. Should she help Oz or start living her life to the fullest. Nash helps her out with the living her life to the fullest but is he the right man for Beth. I thought so at first but then you start to have your doubts about Nash also. Beth wants the white picket fence and the two children but are either of those men even worthy of her love.
   Jean has wove a special story about small town life and the characters that live there. We all have those people whose life it is to gossip and stick their noses into everything. The characters that Jean has written are flawed but also very lovable.
  So if you want a great bath tub, curl up on the couch or even beach read . If you love romance and small town living. This is the book for you. Just a warning don't start this book before you go to sleep cause you will end up with a book hangover , cause once you start there will be no sleeping for you 
I give this book 4.5 out of 5


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